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yo wad up my name is alex i live in HB California im 18 and i live with my mom i love to play video games even more then my girlfriend i think i would be a good team leader and wouldnt leave no man behind i thin its insane to have 128 people on each side i love it so please look deep down in your heart and say yea aLEX does deserve to play this awsome game so he can lead his team to victory. Peace your boy alex  "
If you're going to copy and paste this garbage, at least fix your egregious destruction of the English language. Seriously, there's one goddamn period in there.
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" If I get this beta, I post pick of me in underwear hugging Luchadeer! "
So you're saying you'll show up at their office in your underwear?
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You guys should have done a "Come up with the best new acronym for MAG" competition.

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I'd be good at this game 'cause it involves killing bitches. I hope there are TVs nearby....

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I think that if you guys were real MEN you'd give me one. But you're not, you're just a bunch of dippy bitches.