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It's about as fun as an action movie can be. I still don't really understand how it's a Michael Bay movie. I think this may be a George Lucas sort of thing where he only made good stuff when there were tons of people in between him and the finished product. It's been pretty much my favourite movie of its type since before Giant Bomb existed, so this isn't some ironic inside joke or anything. The Rock is legitimately quality.

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I played X Wing Vs Tie Fighter a bunch as a kid and it was the best Star Wars game I ever played. KOTOR is probably a better game, but playing it didn't equal the experience I had as a kid playing X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter.

And I never played the expansion, so in a weird way, I can go back and play new content for one of my favourite games as a kid.

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@deegee said:

Since my comment is the one in the screenshots, I would just like to say that Patrick responded to me in a super douchy way. I don't remember the exact phrasing, but he made fun of me for calling him out with the "god forbid I make a joke, right?" attitude that he constantly acts like he is above.

I remember getting that PM from a staff member of the site making fun of me and just closing the window. I don't watch his content anymore.

Once I made a pretty reasonable point disagreeing with something he said, trying to be a part of a good discussion about the issue, and he lambasted it on his tumblr based on a pretty severe lack of comprehending what I said in my message. When I responded again, somewhat dismayed and disappointed that he dealt with it that way, and pointed out to him that the very message he responded to showed the assertions he made about what I was saying were wrong, he just said, paraphrasing "Oh okay, well internet communication is hard, and at least I'm trying to have a discussion with people about it" in PMs, but didn't use his public tumblr feed to correct his mistake, and that post was replied to tons of times with people blindly parroting exactly what he said. I went through all the notes on his post and went and tried to have a conversation about it with the people who reposted his post, and I had a lot more success than with him, but again ran into a lot of extremely dismissive and hostile people.

I collected a lot of what people said about the issue and considered writing a big article about the issue, and how Patrick and the people who followed him handle it, but I just said fuck it. I tried to engage with someone who professes to want to create discussions about important issues, and I got shouted down. It wasn't worth spending my time trying to have a discussion in that sort of environment, and I gave up trying to talk about an issue I really had strong opinions about and decided trying to do so was futile, and my time would be better spent writing about something else.

There are a lot of problems with how he approaches things.

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@massivemix said:


I was genuinely hurt and turned off from the product for a while. That's all. I'm not trying dismiss people who don't agree with me in a subtle, smart allec sort of way. Please don't accuse me of that by mincing my words.

I don't really know what you're hurt by, because I asked you to quote it, and you didn't, so you're not helping me at all.

But here's the thing: if somebody says something "smart alecky" about religion, they're just giving their opinion. They're stating that they disagree with it. By saying "acknowledge the faith", you're being snide, dismissive, and condescending to people who disagree with you, which is beyond simple disagreement, and I'm not aware of anything in that video that was like that about religion. At the very least, being a "smart aleck" and what you said are on equal terms.

And how would you feel if a staffer addressed this issue by saying, "Please don't mince my words, what I said was perfectly reasonable"?

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@massivemix said:


I was genuinely hurt and turned off from the product for a while. That's all. I'm not trying dismiss people who don't agree with me in a subtle, smart allec sort of way. Please don't accuse me of that by mincing my words.

So, when I point out to you that it might be offensive that you don't have any phrase in your vocabulary to describe that you believe in something without saying "YOU ARE WRONG" to anyone who disagrees with you, and I think that sounds like exclusionary behavior, you just dismiss me?

You're right, it wasn't subtle. It was blatant, casual, and offhand. I don't know how that's better. If everyone talked like you do, the staffers on the site talked about religion like you do, that would feel exclusionary. That's a fact. You don't get to tell me what would make me feel excluded. Please don't try to tell me that by refusing to take responsibility for your words.

These guys talk for hours and hours and write and do all this content and said one thing that bothered you, whereas your default way of speaking includes language that would make people feel excluded if you were in the same position these guys are in.

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@drebin_893 said:

Let's please just leave this alone.

@chronicthehedgehog said:

Can't we just move on?

Well this person said they were bothered by it and the video is more than a year old. Seems legit enough. It's not like the forums are going to run out of space.

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"Acknowledge" means "accept", so unless I'm misunderstanding what "faith" means, you're flat out saying that people who don't believe in your faith are factually wrong.

That thing he said about sexual assault is about sexual assault, so it's fucked up but not about religion, and I haven't seen that video, but skipping around I can't find much other than him being kind of dismissive about religion, which is no more than you seem to be doing here.

Care to call any specific part out?

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@zevvion said:

Can barely believe it's already a year without him. Still feel like I'm going to hear his voice on a new Quick Look one of these days.

In the back of my mind I sometimes catch myself thinking he's still just on that break for his wedding and all the awesome shit happening in his life, and one day he'll be back.

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Thanks, Patrick. Well said.

I miss Ryan. It seems really fucked up when I think about the fact that this is only the first year of never being able to not miss Ryan.

In the end all that matters is being happy and making others happy in the time we have before some goddamn bullshit happens to us, and you can't really do better than Ryan did.

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@millionthlayla said:

Ah, my bad. I read the article, but I guess I wasn't paying enough attention. :P Last few days have been a bit rough for me. It makes things somewhat better, but this is still a pretty bad situation as a whole.

It's all good.

The situation isn't the best, but I think the discussion here shows there isn't really a clear path to making it better. I feel like the IeSF and the people running that Finnish tournament are having to grapple with issues much larger than themselves, and it's easy to be able to say that the situation regarding female pro-gamers throughout the world is a mess, but these are people who actually have to deal with that mess in the best way they can without having the power to change it.