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@otakugamer: My copy showed up today and I was having a surprisingly hard time finding this on Google -- ended up coming here instead. Thanks a lot for posting this, duder :)

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How am I the first one to point out the obvious 'Fordza 6'?

...I'll show myself back out of the thread.

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Finally sat down and wrote mine:

That's my second year participating in this. Always a fun exercise. What a weird year for games, though,

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First - sorry if this is a duplicate thread. I browsed and searched and couldn't find anything. (So...that may be a separate bug.)

Anyway, I was trying to fill out the What Did We Miss? poll. One that came to mind was Bravely Default, which I wanted to highlight as I'd totally forgotten that came out this year--but it did, back in February. The poll won't let me enter it at all, presumably because it came out in a previous year in Japan. Can the poll be updated to allow for that?

Thanks! :D

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Have to admit, I really hoped "Nintendo's getting into the NFC craze" was more about Zoë Quinn and less about Skylanders. Ah well.

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Here's mine:


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Great list, Drew!

I love how I'm going "yeah. yeah! YEAH!" all the way along and then hit the number 1 and it's like a record scratch noise sounds. Whaaat? Noooooooo. :(

But even disagreeing there, yay Drew. <3

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I realize this is something that won't affect a LOT of people, but I was kind of surprised by it: if you have money in the 3DS eShop in multiple currencies, it will *delete all other money, nonrefundable* when you do the conversion, so make sure to spend any money outside your home country first.

(In my case, it's because I live in Canada, but my mom lives in the States, and buys me gift cards for holidays. So I had both Canada and US eShop money.)

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Here's Storm Warning, which played right after Robot Laser Death before the Magicka test stream yesterday. (That was the chiptune-ish over filthy dubstep one.)