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Finally sat down and wrote mine:

That's my second year participating in this. Always a fun exercise. What a weird year for games, though,

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First - sorry if this is a duplicate thread. I browsed and searched and couldn't find anything. (So...that may be a separate bug.)

Anyway, I was trying to fill out the What Did We Miss? poll. One that came to mind was Bravely Default, which I wanted to highlight as I'd totally forgotten that came out this year--but it did, back in February. The poll won't let me enter it at all, presumably because it came out in a previous year in Japan. Can the poll be updated to allow for that?

Thanks! :D

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Have to admit, I really hoped "Nintendo's getting into the NFC craze" was more about Zoë Quinn and less about Skylanders. Ah well.

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Here's mine:


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Great list, Drew!

I love how I'm going "yeah. yeah! YEAH!" all the way along and then hit the number 1 and it's like a record scratch noise sounds. Whaaat? Noooooooo. :(

But even disagreeing there, yay Drew. <3

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I realize this is something that won't affect a LOT of people, but I was kind of surprised by it: if you have money in the 3DS eShop in multiple currencies, it will *delete all other money, nonrefundable* when you do the conversion, so make sure to spend any money outside your home country first.

(In my case, it's because I live in Canada, but my mom lives in the States, and buys me gift cards for holidays. So I had both Canada and US eShop money.)

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Here's Storm Warning, which played right after Robot Laser Death before the Magicka test stream yesterday. (That was the chiptune-ish over filthy dubstep one.)

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oh yes. gimme. <3

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They're all sold out in my area, aside from one copy in one store that was already reserved. Multiple stores also told me the game's been discontinued and no more copies are being made.

I do have an (out-of-stock) order in with Amazon, so if they ever get more copies, I might see one that way. But EB Games, Future Shop, and Best Buy are all showing not available. :(

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