A gameprototype made in UDK

This is a gameprototype we made in a period of 4 weeks in UDK. That includes the idea and all the mechanics, concepting and level design. We wore put in radom teams, 2 game designers and 4 3d artists. All with diffrent skill level and experience.(bare in mind that some artists got sick during the project)

We also had a 50 mb limit to work with. Which include 3dmeshes/textures/sound and light. Anyhow this is the outcome of the 4 weeks.

excuse my english spelling ( i know it is terrible :D)


If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Summer of arcade, so far

Yeah thats right. Summer bummer.. Well i havent had the fun of having any vaccation yet :S so i been working and playing some summer of arcade games.. Such as Bastion and From dust and the latest Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.. gosh thats a long name. Well these games was fun to play.  I played both games though, but i haven´t got all achievements yet.. i don´t now if i really aim for that either.. Guess theres some i don´t have time or stamina to do.. but thats just me. Anyhow.

From dust .

I have some gameplay from it. I was kinda impressed by this game and i like the idea of being god.. :D. No but seriuosly this game could of been so much better, its pretty simple and somewhat impressive. But its most graphics. Simulations with lack of simulations. Well i wanted do go deeper in to this game... Like when you finished the map you could start building villages a such. Or something more, i don´t really know what it was lacking of.. I will come back to fill this gap anyways here is some gameplay. 


Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. 

Yeah! this game i liked somehow.. It was a short game with pretty nice puzzels even doe i thought they could make them harder. I liked the weapon upgrades and how they build up the maps and the various enemies.  I like the controls even if they where kinda laggi sometimes. Duel analog sticks was nice, but the way you change the weapons sucked, and one more thing that sucked NO MINI MAP wich made  me constatly reach for the back button to throw up the big map.. Man that really disturbed the gameplay. And i think that the bosses wore way to easy :( . anyhow i got a video clip how to find the last piece of Artifact to get the achivement arceaologist :D enjoy. 
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I did take my time in UDK

Well im still learning UDK, and other programs to. But i would like to show how far i come in my game in UDK. This clip is from April.  
I haven´t had time to sit down to continue on with this game. But i will make it better and bigger :D As soon i get to spend some more time with my computer at home.   
And theres no sound, so i just added som freebeats and lay upon.. Because the program i started recording with sucks :( next time it will be better.


Monday 25 of july

Well, i had a gaming weekend for the first time in a while. And i played Nier, its not the best game ever made, in many aspects. But as i only paid 9 dollar for it im kinda satisfied with it. I run trought the game under 15 h, and completed it a second time and a third time..but i forgot to collect all the weapons, witch sucks cause i need to play it trough one more time to get my achivement. 
So instead i played a little bit of Torchlight trying to get the highest fame rank. Im at 29 now so i hope that it will not take so much longer :D.  
I went down to gamestop to se there sale thier having, and i saw a cuple of games i will hook up, that is worth the money the charge at that place. usally i buy my games from zavvi.com or cdwow.com or spelbutiken.se prisjakt.nu. But i sell all my games to gamestop and therfor pick up games that i did´t  want to pay full prize on. 
 Still haven´t had any vacation yet :( stuck at work.. Think i need some sun and long mornings :).

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Bastion part 2

Well as i said in the last post, that i would add a video clip.. Here it is :D 
Im getting first prize on all the weapon trainings.. got everyone exept the bow.. Because youtube allow 15 minutes.

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Played Bastion.

I bought Bastion and finished it, all the way throught and one more time. I dont no why my achivement list here dont update but.. Anyways a nice litte game, reminded me of secret of mana and some playstation games i used to play.. To bad that this game wasn´t bigger... Hopefully they can add som story or make a whole game soon :D. Because i really enjoyed this one..  I would enjoy building a bigger city and use the special ability you get in the end of the game. More weapons and monster.. aargh i could go on forever :D 
I will add a youtube clip later when its finished.

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