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This is a gameprototype we made in a period of 4 weeks in UDK. That includes the idea and all the mechanics, concepting and level design. We wore put in radom teams, 2 game designers and 4 3d artists. All with diffrent skill level and experience.(bare in mind that some artists got sick during the project)

We also had a 50 mb limit to work with. Which include 3dmeshes/textures/sound and light. Anyhow this is the outcome of the 4 weeks.

excuse my english spelling ( i know it is terrible :D)


If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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ohh, and the Resident Evil book goes by the name.. Resident Evil Archives Volume 2, and i think im looking for books like this one :D.

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sry, im not use too type in english.. likkle = little..

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Add some dubstep here :D

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Dark souls, BF 3, Gears 3, Mass effect 2, Dungeon defenders

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Hello Giantbombers , as the title says ive was wodering about gameguides.

Im intressted in guides but not for completing the games.. thats easy anyway ;) . Im more intrested in concept art and level design and stories maybe from the developers and such.

So do you guys have any tips about any great guides with more context about the game rather than how to complete it..i know that gears of war 3 has a great book and im also guessing that Dark souls has one.

And heard that there soon will be an resident evil book.

hope that you understand my question.


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Did you figure this out yet?

Got the same question actully.

How to get the arcade games i bought on my xbox360 to my USB 360 harddrive with youre gamertag to a friends 360. So that it gets easier to play co-op games or just to play them whenever you aren´t at home. I guess that my friend need internet on his xbox, but does this unlock the game trail version. I mean i bought the damn games and i want to play them whereever.

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They really should make it so that you could customize it youre own way.. I mean color vise and what you want in the boxes and how big they would be.. And it would be better if you could name the titles (TV,Music,Apps etc) youreself.. This feels like its going from the gamers to the family, kids thing.. WTF?  Same with kinect! Why ohh why. It gets some sort of discusting smell over it.  It will get into a big advertisment dashboard trying to make you rent overpriced old movies and buy more shitty things you dont care about. When you only wanted to game and chill out with other gamers. The other stuff i do with other people and on other places.. I dont need to get it in my face when i want to game... 
 yes im kinda pessemistic on this.

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1080 i  is the right setting, witch makes it hard to play FPS games.. I got one to :D   
But i record in 720p.. Just because it takes to long to edit in a video program. Add me on youtube and i will add you :D Bless!

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:D thats some nice news!.. I would like to see some co-op multiplayer girl on girl shissniss up in this sequal