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So i built my pc just this year...

So far i have had issues with all the corsair products for my build.

First the biggest my psu broke 0 power wont start any more after some kinda power surge. I have anti power surge connection not sure if i had bad luck or what. I spent a crap load on my psu also it was around 200$ it was 850w gold rate and corsairs best rated psu and got alot of awards.

Second the case the usb ports at front stopped working fan controller broke.

Third the ram i had issues getting it working at first.

Last but not least i try to contact them to get psu replaced i was on hold for over an hour and half and gave up.

So my question is whats a case brand and psu brand i dont plan on buying corsair again.

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Yea i did thanks any way man.

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As an RPG the experience remains fantastic on 360. The graphics are a different thing entirely however. I've heard most people say it looks really good on 360, but in direct comparison to the PC version, it really doesn't look that great in my opinion. It's not even the best looking game on the console. But the great story translates well enough, and performance wise it's pretty rock solid.

Does 360 have all dlc and free stuff pc does?

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Im wondering since i never got it for pc. Thinking of getting 360 version is it up to par to other rpgs on 360?

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Wow dlc is so fucking much for this game!!! 4200 points thats more than full standard game lol thats just mass effect 2 also. I want dlc because its changes story a bit if you have done them like lair and overlord.

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Well i did some research and both have ups and downs. Mass effect 1 ps3 has long load times compared to 360 but looks slightly better. me2 there pretty much same but ps3 has more dlc it comes with. Mass effect 3 360 is clear winner looks and runs better from comparison i looked at plus online is more populated. Not sure honestly i think i might go for 360 just for the controller even if i have to pay a little more for dlc.

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Im wondering now that series or trilogy is done. Im thinking of picking trilogy set and im wondering is better one platform mostly ps3 or 360 im asking not pc.

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Not sure if anyone noticed but on bestbuy and other sites its listed are 50$ so its it not a full game? Makes me wonder since new walking dead from activision was 50$....

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Dollar bills are ones that sell ammo and hp and that sort thing correct? I never used them once on normal lol pretty easy to get health and salt around you for free.

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Not sure whats going on but from some reason im getting an odd buzzing noise coming from my surround sound speakers and this is only with 360... Ps3 is fine and my cable box and bluray player. I tried switching audio cables still same thing and hdmis all same. I formated my hard drive removing and tried pluigging back in all cords on my 360 clean system cache. Im all out of ideas now and all this happened for the day never had this ever before is my 360 fucked? Also pointing out this is only on dash in game its fine which makes me wonder if its bug with recent update or something.

Not sure if its console or what dont want waste money unless im sure :(