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No Shia

Also who would play subject 16?

Posted by N7
@eviltwin14: Shia Leboof.
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I have to think about Subject 16. I'll definitely write something about him in here. Just have to find someone to play him. Which role are you suggesting Shia LaBeouf for? You are suggesting him right or am I misinterpreting your post?

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@CrimsonAvenger: I'm against him. Of course I'm no the only one, Sara Lima agrees. Don't get me wrong he's a pretty good actor, I just don't see a role for him in it. Although it's an AC movie, they will have to try hard to make it bad.

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I enjoyed the prince of persia movie a loy

Why not cast kristen bell as lucy

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Question: What if it's about Ezio instead? Who would you cast for that movie?

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watch the big lebowski before you do anyhting else

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I will actually be writing one up for AC II tomorrow.


I don't like going with the voice actors. I like Kristen Bell as the character but I just generally shy away from choosing the voice actors for the roles in live-action, even if they look like the character. I prefer to give other actors a chance. Also I felt the actors in Prince of Persia gave such bland performances and the film itself just felt very bland and generic. It for me wasn't one of Bruckheimer's better films but hey, everyone's got their opinion.

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Dude Desmond Miles and Adam Sandler are kind of the same person especially in like AC1-R.