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It's going to be on the 360 too? We're talking holiday 2015, a full two years into the new generation of consoles. There is no reason to release a game by that time on to the 360.

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If it were an ever exclusive on any console I would have thought it would be Playsation.

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It makes me happy to see Game Freak being creative and surprising with Mega Evolutions. At first all the Megas revealed were predictable and obvious but now we're seeing ones nobody expecting. I mean Mega Slowbro is totally unexpected. That is going to be a massive defensive wall and Mega Audino is going to provide ridiculous support in Double battles. Immune to Ghost and neutral to Fighting but with the Fairy typing, it doesn't have to worry about Fighting types at all. I really hope though that this was not what Junichi Masuda was supposed to show at Gamescom. If it was then now he doesn't have much to show off.

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Addams Family all the way. The Munsters could be funny at times but it was still a knock off of the Addams Family.

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FinalDasa is quite possibly the most obvious choice for moderator. What took so long to make him one?

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I thought Thor was his name, not his title.

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I'm totally getting an Xbox One this year for Unity. I haven't played any of the AC games since Revelations but Unity has me in awe. I've been waiting for the French Revolution for years. So since AC Comet wasn't shown or I guess even mentioned then it's fake right?

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Is the whole game set in a Lara Croft hallucination?

It's basically a continuation of Crystal Dynamics Trilogy. Almost everybody who worked on those games worked on Guardian of Light and assuming most of them are working on this too. Not only that but Keeley Hawes was Lara Croft in the first one and I assume is reprising the role for this.

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It was weird seeing Tomb Raider during a Microsoft conference. I've always thought of that as a Sony joint.

Not really. Not only was it on PC, but the Game Boy color even had two games and the GBA had one. Last Revelation and Chronicles were even on the Dreamcast! Oddly enough though Angel of Darkness made no appearances on other consoles. It was only on PS2 and PC. Starting with Legend the series though became permanently multiplatform. Starting with II, the series was also released on Mac. Though the ones you can find for download today are not the original ports.

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Hmm didn't notice it before but there's a tiny comment at the bottom page from Mr. Butts.

"We're hoping to resolve the discrepancy here, but have received no further word from Sony apart from Scott Rodhe's tweet. It's possible this may be a misunderstanding between our sources at Sony, as when Jack Tretton and Shuhei Yoshida disagreed about TLG being on hiatus."

Well technically it could be in development but never intended for release. Like The 1994 Fantastic Four film was completed with the intention of never being released (unknown to the actors and crew though).

Okay so I had to start watching that film and I must say it's fuckin better than those two films Fox released in the early 2000. Still a shit show but still better than those two films.

I love it. It's so ridiculously stupid but it's a blast to watch. It really feels like the old Fantastic Four comics only on a shoestring budget. It is amazing that they managed to make something with such little money or time. The score is also terrific. Apparently the two composers spent $6,000 of their own money on an orchestra. Too bad it'll never be released. Apparently all the prints were destroyed but the bootlegs had to come from somewhere. Hopefully someday it'll be released (assuming whoever kept a print stored it properly and would be willing to part with it)