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I've seen this trend between games in "Early Access" and games calling themselves "Not Final" is a way to make money on games before any reviews can be done. Pre Order was sort of like this but no money made it back to developers (just retailer.) I'm worried that as long as they never call themselves final they can never be hurt by a review.

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Pacific Timezon

All of them (not proud)

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I do love our current Portland image. It's much better now that people don't just assume we are all lumberjacks in the NW :)

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One of the great burger locations here in Portland (much better then Dicks or 5 Guys in my opinion) has a logo that looks like it should be the official burger location of Giant Bomb.

Killer Burger

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I understand the issue but I just find it hypicritical to attack the ad block if you have ever hit the tivo button forward or any other type of ad ignore abilities in other aspects of life. I understand those other areas have already gotten money from the advertising but that is just justifing the action for ones that don't affect you or those you are trying to support vs those that do.

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strangest place I heard it was an episode of Chopped.

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Was watching Chopped (latest lunch lady episode) and out of nowhere they started using the Saints Row 3 garage music. Anyone else find music "not in the game?"

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I'd rather it be the Native American Assassin against the Colonist (not against the British.) Let the Mason's be the modern Templars and go after those that took the land from the Native Americans.

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Any Chance the team could do a Quick Look for Sequence (on Steam.) This is the game that Patrick did a story on early in the Kickstarter days. Now with Double Fine using the same process to get their game going it would be a nice follow up. Also it's a nice blend of Genres.

Note: If you look closely in the Steam trailer you will see a Jeff cameo.

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@Melos said:

My turn to whine! You can't make a list of stupid-hard video games and not include a Ninja Gaiden game. It's a law. You'll lose your internet license.

it's there but it's hard to see on a dark background