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so what happens if you already pre-purchased in steam?

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and sadly this is all netting him more press and people looking for his game that would not have, Such a sad strange world.

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I'm hoping everyone remembers all the support they are putting in this thread the next time they start to type any aggressive comments to another person (yes those comments are harassment.) I see people here supporting this and then turning around and make a gay joke against someone just as easy (just an example it could be sex/race/religion/or any different view then themselves.) I wish anonymity could be removed from the net (think about getting your only net representation at the same time you got a social security number) and I wish everyone treated others as they wish everyone treated themselves. These are all easy words to type, now live up to them in action.

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Wish Carolyn would have been available when GB was looking to fill a roll. She would have been a great counterpoint to many of the GB staff.

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I've seen this trend between games in "Early Access" and games calling themselves "Not Final" is a way to make money on games before any reviews can be done. Pre Order was sort of like this but no money made it back to developers (just retailer.) I'm worried that as long as they never call themselves final they can never be hurt by a review.

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Pacific Timezon

All of them (not proud)

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I do love our current Portland image. It's much better now that people don't just assume we are all lumberjacks in the NW :)

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One of the great burger locations here in Portland (much better then Dicks or 5 Guys in my opinion) has a logo that looks like it should be the official burger location of Giant Bomb.

Killer Burger

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I understand the issue but I just find it hypicritical to attack the ad block if you have ever hit the tivo button forward or any other type of ad ignore abilities in other aspects of life. I understand those other areas have already gotten money from the advertising but that is just justifing the action for ones that don't affect you or those you are trying to support vs those that do.

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strangest place I heard it was an episode of Chopped.