Vote for my Astro Tag Design!

So Astro currently has a design contest for their Tags (those faceplate thingies on the side of their headphones) and it's in association with iam8bit so it's suppose to be video game related. This is my design, tell me what you think.

I started off with an idea of just using modern real weapons, but found the variety in shape and sizes to be lacking. Bringing in the gaming weapons gave me a lot more options and made this piece a lot more fun for me. I did my best to vector them with as much detail as I could get out of the images I was working with, even though a lot of the finer stuff will be lost since tags are only about 2.5" x 2.7" in size. I ended up with around 41 weapons in this final piece and had created 2 extra that wouldn't fit, the Pulse Rifle from Aliens and a FN Scar-H.
I plan on making designing something else similar to this that's not a star (that was for Astro). 
So if you like it I'll end with plugging my vote link for my entry, thanks!