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Cheese burger, animal style.

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Anyone else try using a 360 controller on this? I have about 26 hours on it with mouse and keyboard so I decided to give the controller a shot. It's way to fucking loose, I instantly noticed it felt weird. Guns trail your look movements, so your gun catches up to what you're aiming at rather than staying centered when you play with mouse and keyboard. I was wondering if anyone else noticed this and figured out a way to disable it. It makes shooting a lot harder than it should be with the controller. Someone described it as playing with a wiimote and that's not far off.

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I felt the same as the rest of you. Once I got home it really hit and I just sorta broke down. Commenting on that article made me feel better, expressing how much it affected me, but I felt like I shouldn't hide my feelings on something that has affected me so much and somewhat unexpectedly. I just posted on my Facebook, that his passing did feel like losing someone I actually knew, because of what he gave us and for me how long I've been following him (since the GameSpot days). That did help me feel better and if my friends don't get it, it doesn't matter, I just needed to say it.

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It finally hit me right now. Been slightly teary eyed all day reading about this at work, wiping my eyes like I was exhausted or something. Finally get home with no one around and I just broke down. You never know how much you'll miss someone until there's no longer a tomorrow with them. I never met him and he never knew me, but listening and watching him for nearly a decade, he was a friend to all of us.

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RIP Ryan, you'll be remembered and you'll be missed.

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Glad I'm not the only one.

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Having the same iTunes issue and it's bugging the shit out of me.

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If you just want to have milk buy lactaid milk. It apparently contains lactase in it too, which is what we're missing to break down milk.

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@TheCheese33 said:

From the reaction in the comments, it's clear that this is an issue still worth talking about.

This is exactly what I thought last time.

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I also remember reading that Resident Evil 4 was such a big hit that they changed it to be more like it.