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@brodehouse said:

Why is...

Why is she riding an apparently digital salmon?

There was for a long time a running joke on the site where things that were censored in images/video were almost always covered by a giant pink fish. No idea if it's still done now.

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Fun fact! See the guy in the white shirt up front?

The guy in the white t-shirt is a gameplay designer on this game. He's wearing a shirt from an "Polish anti-communist" fascist party in Poland. Not fucking surprising to see shit like that working on this.

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Sasquatch Theater is not being streamed.

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Sent a request to join the group, as Crippl3. Gonna be playing the beta (and maybe the full game?) on 360 as cooldrew100.

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I've cracked this case wide open! The true meaning and deep intention behind Mountain?

It's secretly mining bitcoins for him on every machine it's running on.

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Schenectady, NY, USA

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@hailinel said:

Scoops, scoopin' scoops.

But, given the general quality of Ghosts, I'd hesitate to call this merging a "super" studio. Ghosts was arguably the worst game in the franchis, by all accounts I've heard.

I don't know if I'd call it the worst, Call of Duty 3 (a Treyarch joint) was terrible. But Ghosts is nowhere near as good as the last few games, especially Black Ops 2.

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