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@brodehouse said:

Why is...

Why is she riding an apparently digital salmon?

There was for a long time a running joke on the site where things that were censored in images/video were almost always covered by a giant pink fish. No idea if it's still done now.

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Fun fact! See the guy in the white shirt up front?

The guy in the white t-shirt is a gameplay designer on this game. He's wearing a shirt from an "Polish anti-communist" fascist party in Poland. Not fucking surprising to see shit like that working on this.

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Sasquatch Theater is not being streamed.

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Sent a request to join the group, as Crippl3. Gonna be playing the beta (and maybe the full game?) on 360 as cooldrew100.

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I've cracked this case wide open! The true meaning and deep intention behind Mountain?

It's secretly mining bitcoins for him on every machine it's running on.

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Schenectady, NY, USA

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@hailinel said:

Scoops, scoopin' scoops.

But, given the general quality of Ghosts, I'd hesitate to call this merging a "super" studio. Ghosts was arguably the worst game in the franchis, by all accounts I've heard.

I don't know if I'd call it the worst, Call of Duty 3 (a Treyarch joint) was terrible. But Ghosts is nowhere near as good as the last few games, especially Black Ops 2.

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@amafi said:

@herbiebug said:

Zallard's blindfolded run of Super Punch-Out is mandatory viewing. MANDATORY. ♥

Just watched Duckfist's Ninja Gaiden 2 sword only run. So tense. So great.

If you enjoyed the marathon and want to see more speedrunning, check out Speed Runs Live. It's a central hub site for hundreds of speedrunners on twitch. Really slick interface that shows you who is live, what they're playing, and how many viewers they currently have. Also go to the list above and watch all of PJ's runs and then go to his channel and follow him. He's the best. Plays all sorts of very obscure and usually very difficult games with hilarious commentary. Also, i'm not certain but I think he may be the most highly educated person in the speedrunning community as well.

PJ is literally the best. Damned crime he doesn't have more followers. Also a shame we didn't get any battletoads shenanigans with him and mecharichter this year, that's always a highlight.

Everybody owes it to themselves to watch his torch run of super ghouls 'n ghosts. Also check out his bad kart run after, it's absolutely hilarious.

Worms nights on PJ's stream are incredible. PJ, Mecha, Gildersneeze, and Seawolf1 + the fact that Worms is super broken = hilarity

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