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I know people who sold there consoles to get cash for a new PC.

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Will  Lincoln Force run on my PC? 

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@Coombs said:
" Do people still think the difference in graphics between the 360 & PS3 actually matters? "
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Game Room: 50" Pioneer Kuro Elite Plasma

Home Theater: 70" Sony XBR SXRD
Sorry for me showing up in the pic, it was the only pic with the TV in it that I had access to.
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@MrKlorox:  I agree. I use a  18" Velodyne DD-18 Subwoofer in my HT system and words can't describe how good the bass is. Not just boomy bass, this bass is low tight and punches you in the gut! Anyone with a decent to high end HT system will tell you that BC2 audio is flat out AMAZING. No way in hell does MW2 sound close to how good BC2 sounds. The only way the reviewer could have came to that conclusion is if he played both games through TV speaker and even then that's pushing it.
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@carlthenimrod:  Dude the grenade sound effect in MW2 sounds like they are bouncing on metal when it is bouncing on grass! I agree with you sound is more than just explosions but like I said, BC2 has better voice acting, dialog, better weapon sound effects, better team chatter (MW2 had Oscar Mike and Stay Frosty on a endless loop), better  low end, and better ambient sounds.
I don't care that MW2 got an 8.9 that is a good score. What I have an issue with is giving MW2 a 10 for sound when the first thing I noticed was how bad the sound was in that game then turning around and giving BC2 a 9 when the first thing I noticed was how great this game sounds.
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I don't care if MW2 rates higher then BC2 but to say that the sound is better in MW2 than in BC2 is insulting. BC2 has some of the best weapon sound effects, team chatter, low end, and ambient sounds that I have ever heard in a game. MW2 hate it or love it has the worst weapon sound effects I head in a triple A shooter.

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The landscapes look so bland. If you look at the 7 minute mark there is no foliage, houses , trees or animals running in the background. The ground textures just look awful. On the other hand the animations, particle effects, and summons look cool. I am still not sold on this game yet. The last two I played was FFXII and FFX.

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U.S.S CriPPleR
Add me to the fleet.

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Bah I voted for 360 by mistake. I am getting the PC Steam Digi Deluxe version.