PC Gaming--always the real Next Gen, but not the most commercial

Unfortunately, piracy has damaged PC gaming so much that many PC developers have had to switch to console development as their main income.  This is a shame because the PC platform has always advanced ahead of the console platforms, which have now become a modified (hamstrung) PCs themselves.  (OK, not so much for the Wii, but true for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3).  Given that PC users can swap out any component they want, a decent PC should look better and outlast all the consoles.  The problem with many games is that they are console only on release, or are console only in post- release.  Being a big fan of Burnout  Paradise City on the PC did nothing but frustrate me when it came to the Big Island expansion. It was promised and never came out on the PC. Games that originated on the PC have switched to console-only release, or the PC release comes like an afterthought.  Seeing Crytec develop Crysis 2 for other platforms convinced me of this problem.  I mourn the death of the days of having PC gaming being the pinnacle of game development.  I recently saw the Grand Turismo 5 video Quick Look and was unimpressed by the graphics. For so long in development, the GT series was supposed to be  the pinnacle of modern racing, but their textures were nothing to brag about.  NFS Shift on PC looked and looked like it handled better.  When did perceptions change so?