I killed Solaire

and I feel bad about it

He's my friend, he's been there for me. Even when the game is frustrating, he's pop up and go "sit back, let me handle this."

Well, where do I begin?

Do you know how Dark Souls really works? Basically, someone tells you something vague later in the game and it colors your perception on how you should play the game. So you work hard on not doing anything wrong until sooner or later you screwed it all up.

Well, that's how this happened.

Been noticing Solaire is a bit aloof too much sun gazing. And then a friend tells me he later goes insane. So that got me all worked up and wondering how to avoid that. So I join the spider lady club (Chaos Servant Covenant), feed her 30 humanity (surprised any video game in 2011 doesn't let you at least do that faster) in order to open a door. Well After finishing off the Centipede Demon, I was able to track down a red glowing Chaos Bug which held inside it the "sunlight maggot". A glowing hat to help me see in the dark better. Well basically as it goes, he's suppose to be if you kill it that prevents him from going insane, and that's what I was trying to prevent from happening.

Well, and then this happens

well, this isn't suppose to happen, instead it's suppose to help him be there for the final showdown with Gwyn.

as you can see in the video, I don't really fight back for a bit, and take a few hits. Not knowing what's going on, hoping it's all scripted or something. Actually waiting to get feedback from friends who are saying "Wait, that's not what suppose to happen." So it's real hesitations and hoping this isn't an Old Yeller moment. Where my best friend is a rabid dog that needs to be put down from madness of the sun. I'm seeing his face for the first time, really shocked he wasn't like a big fat head that fit the shape of the helmet.

And with each swing it just stung just a bit harder how much he encouraged me along the journey. Dark Souls is a cold and lonely world, having someone there just made things brighter.

Sigh, at least there's New Game Plus.

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It's possible to save him and ultimately summon him to help with Gwyn. Oh, I guess you did try that, not sure how he still got the maggot helmet then.

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Ostrava is where it's at.

Posted by crithon

It's possible to save him and ultimately summon him to help with Gwyn.

is it too late at this point?

Posted by JayEH

It's ok Jeff Green killed him too.

Posted by crithon

@jayeh: he's so much of a role model, the reason why I pushed myself to play this game in the first place.

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I'm surprised your friends were telling you that's "not supposed to happen". Keeping Solaire alive requires joining a specific Covenent by visiting an NPC hidden behind an invisible wall, then offering 30 Humanity to the Covenant so that a specific shortcut in Lost Izalith can be opened. Most players aren't going to just stumble into that.

Every single character I liked in Dark Souls would up dead, many of which I was forced to kill myself. That really fit thematically to my mind.

Posted by TobbRobb

RIP Sunbro. You will be missed. I think the only NPC I disliked having to cut down more is Onionbro. He was such a nice guy.

Posted by crithon

@lackingsaint: well..... it's more like the HINT of Solaire going insane and all lead me down a rabbit hole, and it wasn't exactly big spoiler just something that let my mind wander over to a faq at least what do do in order to prevent it. Well, I guess I learn the hard way. Solaire was always there for me.

But yeah, there's still something unclear about Dark Souls, not just "HEY! YOU GOT A NEW KEY! YOU SHOULD GO THERE!" and me I'm "Wait what did I collect? When did I get that?" Like yes, it's simple, reading maybe further into toggle display but I don't know a faq kinda seems clearer.

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@tobbrobb said:

RIP Sunbro. You will be missed. I think the only NPC I disliked having to cut down more is Onionbro. He was such a nice guy.

well, on good news, i found Lautrec and got back for murdering the Firekeeper. I really thought that was a one time thing.

That cheers me up for loosing my sun buddy.

Posted by TruthTellah
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there's more to this game then just being frustratingly difficult, there's bromance.

Posted by TruthTellah

@crithon said:

there's more to this game then just being frustratingly difficult, there's bromance.

Absolutely. I know that feeling, brother.

Posted by michael_katarn

This was the saddest part of the game for me. The only two NPCs I felt any connection to, the only two that seemed to be trying to do actual good. I had spared other NPCs(like Patches, little fuck) who really did deserve to have me kill them just because I figured everyone was just doing there best, and there's Solaire and Sigmeyer over there being just stand up duders. After I had to kill Solaire and then immediately watched Sigmeyer off himself because he wasn't a good enough adventurer I just was sad, and pissed, and I went and offed Patches and fucking Petrus(fat traitor fuck). Because why not, everyone cool was dead, why shouldn't the assholes be dead too.

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@michael_katarn: soooooooo tempted to read a faq to see what happens with these other guys..... ACK! This is what I mean by just a little thing, it's not a spoiler, just a little motivation to get me to just run ahead and find out what you mean. Because I'm probably end up reacting the same way.

Posted by Karkarov

Uh yeah dude, you have to kill ALL the maggot things not just the one with the hat. Also you have to do it before you fight the centipede. This is why Solaire still went maggot head on you. Personally I always found solaire to be a bit fruity and clearly too interested in man love! Not that there really are any nice npc's in Dark Souls... save maybe the uppity but otherwise okay mage apprentice, and the swap guy.

Posted by michael_katarn

@crithon: The NPC story-lines are so convoluted to follow and get to the "end" of their story. But really whatever happens happens I say. Its Dark Souls so you know however it ends, its almost certainly going to end in tragedy. Seems to be a common theme.

Posted by eroticfishcake

Yeah as Karkarov says you need to kill all of the maggots and before a certain point. But yeah, you gotta give the game credit for making the characters really interesting despite the fact that they don't exactly say a lot. I'd say more about the other characters but you haven't finished it by the looks of it so I won't. It really is tragic but it fits the theme, something it's really been consistent about.

Posted by crithon

@eroticfishcake: @karkarov: ahhhh, thank you.... well there's always new game plus plus plus. It's one of those things where I don't know exactly if I'm doing anything at all right. Like most games you'd hear a sound effect or a small text box will appear, so here I feel quite confused.

@michael_katarn: the npc are quite surreal. Often times talking in this whole sleep walking voice. Just had experience the guy who kicks you down the pit, but that didn't bother me as much because I had the sunlight maggot. I don't know, I mean a lot of what works about the NPC is you don't see them that often so your mind starts to wander about them. And start to think it's all some sort of purgatory sleepwalking david lynch dream state.