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Thanks for all the laughs, RIP Ryan.

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In a recent podcast Jeff mentioned a website that he was using to help him select a TV, after he broke his.
Can anyone recall what that website was?

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But, but... DotT, Fate of Atlantis.... Please follow Sam & Max and Monkey Island to Telltale.

Fuck you Micky, I thought you buying them was meant to stop all of the Lucas bullshit.

That is a really cool picture

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@Amethon said:

Do the people creating this sort of DRM nonsense only have one member in their household? I am tired of buying things twice for my family.

Why do you have to buy things twice? I thought online-passes work across accounts on the same console

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I was wondering if the PS3 version would have 3D TV support like Mortal Kombat, also if the game will have 4-player local tag battles like MK.

I tried looking in some articles but they don't mention anything about these. Maybe they mentioned something on twitter, forums or in an interview?

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So what is left of the modern military first person shooter genre? Off the top of my head, I can think of call of duty and battlefield, but beyond that I feel like I'm coming up short. Does Crysis 3 count despite its Sci-Fi setting? Maybe I'm out of the loop but it feels like Call of Duty and Battlefield are the only major players left standing.

CoD might also be leaving it behind. BlackOps 2 is set in the near feature, bringing it closer to what Crysis is doing.

I wonder if Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer will bother with another Modern Warfare or go with a different setting too.

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Thighs and hips seem a little disproportionate

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Metro Last Light

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I bought it about a month ago for the PS3.

Weekends you can usually find a game, if not, start one and someone will join relatively quickly. Weekdays it seems like a ghost-town.