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Is it possible for the President to die? What impact does that have on the story?

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@Indigotravel: I think the party system in both games is very similar. I haven't played in large groups so I am not certain.

The only Spec-ops equivalent in BlackOps 2 is the zombies mode, which isn't as action packed. So on that front I would say MW3. In terms of competitive team games, BlackOps 2 has slightly more options like the new Hardpoint mode. Although if you are only interested in S&D, then either is fine.

What didn't you like in the original BlackOps? Two is very similar to the first, in terms of how the knife and sniper rifles work.

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Wow, this makes me realise that it has not been a great year for gaming.

No sir it has not. There have been a lot of good games, but nothing I would qualify as being great. There was nothing monumental, just solid, workman like games

Agreed. This list made me realize that the only games I would consider unique/great have been downloadable (Mark of the Ninja, Journey and Trials: Evo).

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I pre-ordered Deadspace 2 from, they shipped it on release day and it arrived later that week. They didn't send me the pre-order bonus code and I had to deal with customer service to get it in the end.

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Yeah I am running into this too. Maybe once people become more familiar with the maps, this issue will go away.

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I loved this thread!

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@FluxWaveZ: What it is?! Noooooooo!! :(

Yeah, government offices in Canada get Monday off since Remembrance day is on a weekend. What is Tsilon?

When making an account there for the first time, you need to go through some weird trials to access the actual site. It's basically a website where you answer video game trivia, fulfill certain video game achievements and other stuff to gain experience points and level up your account (and gain "lives"). Depending on your level, you can gain access to "Perks", which are usually game discounts such as recently $20 off of Halo 4, Black Ops 2 and Black Ops: Declassified. All of those perks are reserved for Canadians only.

It's really good and I will be buying all my new games from Futureshop online through it. I got AC3 for $45 after tax delivered to my house a day before release. It's really funny cause the website is really sketchy looking and full of jank...but damn those $20 off perks are great.

I had been pre-ordering through BestBuy to get the $10 credit, but this sounds even better.

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@FluxWaveZ: What it is?! Noooooooo!! :(

Yeah, government offices in Canada get Monday off since Remembrance day is on a weekend. What is Tsilon?

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Majority of my experience with voice chat has been:

"Anyone got a mic?", followed by silence. Or someone replies, followed by a casual conversation between the two.

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Killzone did an interesting sales tactic in this.

You can buy the Killzone 3 Multiplayer (all DLC included) for $15, or you can get the entire trilogy with the MP + DLC for $49.99.