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@Yummylee said:

Do Microsoft usually delay demos like that a week between Gold & Silver profiles?

Yeah, silver members usually have to wait a week before they get access to a demo.

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@ddensel said:

Why would I pay money for something that doesn't even work?

It's time for people to stop pretending this thing works properly. Even during the 25% of the time you can get the Kinect working, you're still standing up to play bad minigames with no tactile feedback. If Microsoft pushes Kinect any further rather than focusing on great 1st party games, I'm going to jump ship to Sony.

I feel Microsoft is messing up the back half of this console cycle.

I agree Kinect seems awful. Xbox live is joke compared to PSN; PSN+ gets better deals constantly, the interface is faster, has less ads and multiplayer is free. Xbox exclusives aren't that interesting anymore, I mean the new Gears looks identical to Gears 3 in terms of the visuals and will probably play the same too.

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@Benny said:

It's subjective, you need to find a reviewer whose tastes align with yours. That's why Giant Bomb is personality driven.

I totally agree with this.

I like GB, but in-terms of reviews I feel only Jeff's reviews apply to me.

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According to Pachter, prices will stay the same; as game assets will probably still cost the same to produce. But as said, DLC and season passes will become more prevalent.

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Reading stuff like this makes Activision and Infinity Ward look good.

When MW2's online became vulnerable to cheats on PS3 (after the PS3 got hacked), they initially stated that patching in a fix would be too time consuming and costly; as IW was working on MW3 and BlackOps was already available. But in the end they patched it anyways.

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Summer of Arcade seems pretty pathetic compared to Arcade Next, which had Trials Evo and Minecraft.

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Looks like its going to be running on the Frostbite 2 engine. Dated March 2013.

Seems to still be focusing on two-player coop (split-screen supported), no mention of the rumored four-player coop.

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Thats nothing compared to the stellar Xbox Deal of the Week.

50% off Tomb Raider character skins!

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I remember reading that Kingdom's of Amalur had a similar issue. They announced a patch that would fix a number of issues and introduce a harder difficultly, but they scrapped plans for that after they went bankrupt.

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@JeanLuc: I was confused by that paragraph too.