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I would really like to see how Microsoft intends on getting a return on their investment without ruining the franchise. I really don't think it's possible. Minecraft worth $2.5 billion...? Crazy shit.

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I am suddenly inspired to make a kid's game in a terribly limited coding language.

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I am all for the comunity created stuff, but I have to say this looks cheap and kind of bad. No, I could not have done it better myself, so I am here only to poo poo on other peoples' work (in this case), but that is my honest opinion.

You're not alone. I feel the same way about it.

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Newtendo 3DS

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@arrested_developer said:

As an Amazon employee I feel this is for the best

*watches employee stock prices rise*

*strokes cat in lap*

*Invests in call options for Amazon stock*

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Wow I was just thinking to myself: "I wonder what Ryan would think about Dan Ryckert" and now I know.

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Yeah everyone will migrate somewhere else, then some giant corporation will take an interest, implement copyright countermeasures, and then you'll migrate again.

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Patrick's isolation from being in actual, tactile contact from his fellow Giant Bomb cohorts has left him a shell of a person.

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I am completely indifferent to the decision if only for the fact that EA's recent titles leave much to be desired. I have to agree with Sony's assessment that the service doesn't bring much value. At least, it brings 0 value for me.

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Battlefield 4 is a fun game for a shooter.