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Battlefield 4 is a fun game for a shooter.

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Maybe I missed it, but they didn't do a lot of explaining about what the safelane is, what it means, why pro dota players run trilanes and offlanes, etc. which is a concept that even after hundreds of games I still don't quite grasp.

Trilanes are run to secure early farm for the hard carry. Off-lane heroes usually have the ability to either take a beating, heal themselves, some kind of mobility or escape ability - best if they can disjoint incoming single-target disables. Trilanes usually operate by having 2 in the lane while a third stacks and pulls the neutral creep camp. You have to stack the creep camp nearest your lane so that the 'neutrals' kill off your creep wave. If you don't stack first before pulling, you will end up with 2 waves of your creeps pushing up the lane. You can use this to your advantage if you intend to push the enemy tower, but generally you want to stack first and then pull. Stacking and pulling does 3 things in the trilane:

1) The most important thing is that it controls the flow of the lane. When the creeps are pulled, the incoming enemy creeps have no opposition and will push up the lane. So if your lane is pushed up to the enemy tower constantly, it makes it difficult to secure farm early game and also difficult to escape if they make a move; you're also more susceptible to getting ganked. But if you pull the creeps, you can then shift the action of the lane to a more favorable position, closer to your tower in case you need to escape, and also easier to farm because the enemy will not be able to come as close to you without risk.

2) It provides gold and experience for the player that is doing the pulling and keeps them out of the lane to allow the other two players to have better experience gain. That is to say that if all 3 were in the lane, the experience would need to be split 3-ways and this would put the players behind in terms of levels as the game progresses, whereas with a designated "puller" you can all get pretty standard experience gains all around.

3) It denies an entire creep wave from the enemy and they therefore miss out on crucial gold and experience.

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Ryan's death was unbelievable for me. I can understand thinking it was a joke; considering his age and the timing... I didn't know him anywhere near the way you did and even for me it was a bit devastating. I don't know how I would have handled the death of my father and also the death of a close colleague and friend... such a terrible thing. I personally always find myself wondering what Ryan would have had to say about Giant Bomb's growth and the partitioning of all of the established personalities. I wanted more TANG! I wish I could hear him on the podcast some more and would have loved to see him at E3. Anyway, I'm rambling. Thanks for sharing, Patrick, and best wishes.

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This was everything I never knew I needed!

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Bought Hotline: Miami for $1.49. Great purchase. Am loving the game. New flash sale just went up. Not very interesting to me... Half-Life 2 is on sale for the Flash Sale... I just can't believe there are people out there who don't own HL2 yet! Also, the community vote has gone up. Action - RPG set won the first community vote.

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I personally just bought this game and it's very fun. The game is on sale for $2.49 on Steam right now at 75% off it's regular price. This update also includes Steam Workshop support for downloading new levels. The game has a story that is as fun as the game. Anyway I just wanted to share because its a great game and couldn't be any cheaper. I know this sounds like a shill post but I'm just a gamer looking to spread the good word.

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Ratchet and Clank remake

Fandango remake

That new minecraft game... No mans land or something?

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Kinect games just aren't fun. I think that the designers compensate players way too much for the games to be any real fun because they don't want you to feel punished for making wrong moves. As a result, they overcompensate by making tasks too simple, or easy to accomplish. Of course with Kinect, it also can and does swing the otherway where you feel cheated by the system because you're "totally doing this right, the dumb thing just isn't picking up my movements right!" That's the problem. With a controller, the input works the same every time. With Kinect, it feels janky because you never know if it's going to properly register your movements and as a result, designers have to work around this huge flaw, best they can, by making terrible hand-holdy games.

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Just beat the campaign and did an entire adventure mode clear and an entire nephalem rift run. I did it on master on hardcore, it was literally exhilerating. Almost died so many times... and the final boss? Don't even get me started with how fucking scary that was on a hardcore character. I went into this blind by the way, I didn't watch any of the beta streams or anything. I just saw the promotional stuff. Just mentioning that because my impressions are based solely on what I experienced. That said: I think the game is fucking amazing.

This is Blizzard's answer to all their fans and critics. They have finally righted their wrongs. The antagonist might be Death, but they've breathed new life into the game. The loot system, paragon system, storyline, new skills, class, act, adventure mode, the nephalem rifts, the mystic, new enemies and enemy AI... all of these things come together to create a highly polished and refined game that has markedly improved; it shows that Blizzard really took all of the fan feedback to heart and went above and beyond in rectifying the series.

I think many were hesitant about Reaper of Souls due to how vanilla had turned out, and then when they added the $40 price tag many more were dissuaded. With AAA experiences such as Path of Exile, an excellent action-RPG, going with a free-to-play business model would Blizzard be able to justify their asking price? Reaper of Souls proves that the asking price is not only fair, but also completely justified. Reaper of Souls doesn't just fix the game before it, it also pushes the series and genre ahead, all with a spit-shined polish that is unmatched in the genre as a whole.

But the biggest wrong that has been righted in the expansion? We finally do hear back from the thieves guild!

I think anyone that loves the action RPG genre but was disappointed by vanilla D3 would be blown away by how Blizzard has reinvented their own game. The team did more than work hard on this title, they worked with passion. It really shows in the end product. Following in the long-established Blizzard tradition of fixing their games with an expansion, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls may be their finest entry into expansion territory yet.

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What took so long?