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There are way better places to focus your resources, even if this curation isn't taking much effort. Honestly, it's an afterthought. How many of your current followers are just following because it's Giant Bomb? I imagine that's how it is for all popular curators. This is really a free way for Steam to favorably align themselves to top streamers and other outlets such as Giant Bomb without needing to offer any kind of real incentive. They give you a home to promote their products directly on their platform in the guise of helping promote more obscure titles.

Of course, I don't want to seem that cynical because I have no doubt their original design goal was to help garner more exposure for different titles... but honestly, this played out the way most of us could have predicted. Those who are already established on 3rd party platforms have the largest followings and most incentive to use the platform. Everyone ends up getting all their info from the same sources. So what purpose does the curation process really serve in the grand scheme of things? I can't imagine any more than a negligible amount of people have discovered Giant Bomb as a result of the Steam Curator program. I do, however, wonder how many more users and purchases Steam can convert by (theoretically) having an "official" base for the huge nodes of varying fanbases that they will (maybe?) see from having access to each respective camps' followers. Ultimately, the curator program ultimately seems to be a huge favor to Steam and a minor marketing tool for everyone else.

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I really wish that there were no on-screen HUD elements to this game... I think then the cinematic bars would be a lot more justified. The HUD elements just take me out of the immersion that the bars help create. These elements clash too heavily IMO. You can argue that they're concessions to make the game more of a pleasant experience, but surely the developers could have found in-game ways to indicate the same information.

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Thanks everyone for your comments.

To answer a few questions:

- I won't be putting prints or other merch of my Giant Bomb-related stuff up for sale. It's Giant Bomb's call to make.

- I won't be putting original-res files up and I'm not accepting money for them either. I may provide slightly higher-res versions down the line, but I have no interest in making money off this.

- My original plan was to go through the entire Giant Bomb crew, but honestly I underestimated the time and energy investment (which is a lot when you're an obsessive nit-picker like I am). I still want to try, but it will take time. Perhaps Drew's MGS2 playthrough will reinvigorate me to crank shit out (most likely scenario).

Btw I totally flagged someone's comment on this page by mistake, and I have no idea who (itchy mouse-button finger). So, uh, sorry, whoever that was! It was a comment near the bottom I think...

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These are insanely good. I am so envious that you can pull off that style so damn well. I feel like I'd have to throw up another hundred drawings before I'd have the confidence to handle a marker like that. So bold! So beautiful.

I'm not that good either! Plenty of mistakes were made and corrected in Photoshop. I'm still learning how to use markers effectively.

Have you at least talked to anyone about the possibility of selling these as prints and getting a % of total sales or a flat rate for rights to sell? I mean these are really REALLY good and there is already a lot of demand just in this little thread. I am sure many more are out there who have no idea you did this but if it was endorsed and shown by the GB guys in some way and put on sale they'd be on board for buying these as well. Maybe even a limited print run or something would be good. Either way, there is definitely a demand and it seems such a shame to just shelve the idea of getting these to users who are more than willing to pay. Yeah, of course these take a lot of time - that's what separates them from 99% of fan art out there that is done quickly just to say it's done. But I'm sure if you are compensated for your time and skill, surely that's incentive enough to continue... Anyway, would be pretty cool if something came from this. I'm not ready to give up hope yet!

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Does this make Jeff and Drew brothers?

W. T. FUCK!? *mind explodes*

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Let us buy prints!

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Holy SHIT! The Doctor Master Tracksuit one is EPIC! I want that. PUT IT UP FOR SALE!

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They look amazing and I am impressed with the quality. That said, I thought Otacon would be a better fit for Dan, given the glasses, his role in the series, and his passion for anime.

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Don't you get it! the evidence was always there! OPEN YOUR EYES SHEEPLE!

OMG this is amazing sleuthing. I cannot believe how well he hides in plain sight... It honestly is beginning to freak me out.

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I like the attempt to over up the spoiler for the Avalon video even though you immediately afterward spoil it in plain text.

Brad's power has invaded this post... dear god, it may already be too late!