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Oh God... I haven't even hit play and I can already tell this will make me sad :(

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Oh God... I haven't even hit play and I can already tell this will make me sad :(

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Ryan, you went well before your time.

For me, this sucks more than losing a family member. Ryan gave me a lot of laughs and a lot of big words to use. His chemistry with others was fascinating as he was able to make anyone he talked to feel welcomed and almost like they were part of the group all along (talking about everything from integrating Klepick, to guests on the show, and even just fans of the site). He had a unique style, voice, and charisma. He had a personality that was as big as he was and I'm glad that so much of what he's done has been recorded so that we can always enjoy it; I'm just sad there won't be more to come.

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Honestly this looks like it could be a lot of fun. It is taking the concepts of a co-op game like Left 4 Dead, along with the AI, scavenging the world for goods, teamwork, etc... and applying it to a larger world that also includes encountering other players who are also looking to survive. As a premise, the game seems like it could be really engaging. Only time will tell whether or not the game will deliver, but it looks very promising right now. Also, it's gorgeous.

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I love the new look. I haven't fully explored the site just yet but what I have seen looks amazing. Very nice work!

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@Vigil80 said:

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like the moment for this has passed, especially by the time this actually gets made and released. I tend to think if they were going to make this movie, it should have come out five or so years ago.

I'm with you on that. I would have been excited about the potential for a movie if it had come out about 3-4 years ago. But now, who cares? World of WarCraft came, made its mark, did its thing, and now - even though its a household name and still has a huge following - its just old news. The initial intrigue and interest has long since faded. We know what it is, what its about, it is (was?) cool, but a movie at this point would just be met largely by a "Meh" reaction in my opinion.

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@TrashMustache said:

Alex, you're sarcasm is, as always, supreme

Yes and, you're grammer, as, always too,

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I will remember the PS2 best for the first game I played on it, Summoner. I loved that game.

Same. Summoner was amazing at the time! Looking back on it now I laugh thinking about how much I enjoyed it because its really not that great of a game, but at the time it was one of the best games you could get at launch.

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I feel bad for women in general that work in these kinds of environments. I don't care if it's in a game dev or at an architectural firm... or whatever. Women deserve equal treatment for equal work and commitment (and even the bad shit that comes with equality) and that story about how the one person was thought of as the receptionist (until a desk swap) - if true - is just sad.