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@animathias said:
" That's pretty sleek, but I'm sad they didn't go full-hog on this. SMB, SMB2 (and LL), SMB3, SMW, MW2:YI,, and NSMB would have made an amazing updated All-Star game. Oh well, still pretty neat. "
Pretty much agree.  I would have bought this if they had put more behind it but because it is little more than the original Mario All Stars from the SNES but wrapped in a fancy box... well... I think I will pass.
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@Melvargh said:
" AJ does an utterly RIDICULOUS Marty McFly, I couldn't believe my ears. I don't think I could be more excited, all the parts are there for something great. -Telltale is making it -Chistopher Lloyd is the Doc -Bob Gale is involved -AJ does the best Marty voice I've ever heard.  -Art style looks awesome "
I agree but we still havent seen anything of the actual game itself.  I'm not doubting TTG or anything but you can't help but get a little concerned when the game's release is so close.
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Dave learned about the future... IN THE PAST!
He was the one who answered this classified ad originally:

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The plot thickens.

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@Tysman said:
" I hope they aren't expected to charge for the SC2 maps. Monotizing Battle Net seems like a bad idea "
These maps they have shown are all going to be free for all users.  Also, with Blizzard DOTA, during the SC2 custom maps panel, the guy behind this particular map insisted that Blizzard would continually update the map for balance as well as adding new heroes/items etc.
Now in the future they plan on having a marketplace for premium maps made by the community and these maps will (allegedly) undergo a rigorous process to be determined if they are eligible for marketplace - most of these maps will have to have a high amount of polish, customization and custom graphics, etc... these will be games/maps/mods where the map designer has basically made their whole own game.  Kind of like how people use the Cry Engine or Unreal Engine to make their own games - that is how Blizzard has described the marketplace.
To me it is a 2 sided coin.  On one hand it is great that indie developers get another avenue for making some money doing something they love and gives incentive to making high quality maps.  On the other side of the coin - a lot of these maps will be gambles since you have to pay to play.  A map description alone and some youtube videos that were edited to entice you to buy, may not be enough information to commit to a map.  Then again, we don't know the pricing structure or anything for maps so it could be just a buck or two...
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@dyong said:
" Demon hunter, meh. I was hoping for an assassin-type character, but monk's cool enough. "
Looks like the Demon Hunter is a ranger/assassin hybrid.  At least that is how they describe her during the gameplay panel.
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That is an insane amount for making what, 3-4 items per person?  Absolutely crazy.  <Runs off to learn to model>

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It probably took more man hours to make this in minecraft than it did to make the source material it references XD

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That crazy floating, head spinning NPC freaked me out!
I have played the game for 5+ hours now and have not run into any bugs at all.  I am playing the PC version.  It's kind of funny because after reading Jeff's review I was actually hoping to run into a couple of bugs and glitches just for the lols but no such luck... my game seems to be working properly (for now).

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Free my ass - this will only cost you another 12 or so hours of your life!