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Love this. Is Guild Wars 2 any good? I haven't been following it too closesly... could I play it with a 360 controller and still do ok?

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

As anybody heard anything more about this game?

Ask your mom. hur hur... sorry had to be done.

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For me it must be Trog! I spent time on this entry a long time ago because I saw that no one had written anything about it and it was one of a small handful of NES games that I owned and enjoyed. I even took screenshots and wrote a couple trivia questions. My god I must have been bored. The formatting was different back when I wrote it and now its all messed up but other than that I don't think it's too terrible of an entry.

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Stave off shaving it off. Brad's in too deep at this point - he's committed to the beard growth. If he turns back now it will all seem like it was just a bout of laziness - an image this industry desperately needs to avoid. But if he continues to grow it to amish-lengths then it will seem like a well laid plan that is coming together. What he needs to do to make it to the big leagues is start a stringent supplement plan of Biotin, Vitamins A and E, and possibly B6. This sustenance will keep his facial follicles feeling fresh. This will get him a good beard length going. Now if he continues and graduates to belly-length beard then he will have truly shown he is committed - and may want to up the challenge at that point to floor-length beard. Only time will tell though... only time will tell..

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I will buy this game out of pure excitement and then never play it due to being too busy watching top-tier matches.

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I feel like the OPs post is some strange riddle. I'm not good with riddles.

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LOL what a noob

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@BoFooQ said:

This doesn't even really make sense. Everyone wants their consoles to be home entertainment units, which means sony is putting a blu-ray player in it anyway. Even if games where ready to go to digital only, which they're not, movies are even further off.

Why aren't games ready to go digital only?

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Random is random. I know it sounds like a cop-out but it is the truth. That said, I am having the same issue with my Witch Doctor - in the same area and in the same act. I have been ever-so-slowly making my way through. I can survive well enough, but I don't do enough damage. The way I see it is I have 2 options to get out of this rut. I can keep farming (perhaps I need to go back to act 1? I haven't tried that yet), or I can use the auction house. If you're a purist then your only real option is to keep farming and hoping for some upgrades. But if you need an immediate fix, you should really use the auction house.

It is easy to make money on the AH too so don't just vendor/salvage all of your gear (if that is what you have been doing) take the stuff you don't want or need and try selling it on the AH for a reasonable price. You may have to do some very minor research but it isn't intimidating in the least. Anyway, I hope some of this helps. Good luck!

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I feel like as far as content is concerned its the same stuff, which is great! It's why I come here! But I feel that the servers are slower or something here because it takes a bit longer to load content like videos and the podcast versus what it used to take. Also the audio sounds lower quality (or something is ever so slightly off about it) since they made the transition. Keep in mind these are both very minor complaints. So minor that I questioned whether I should even say anything.