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I was really hoping they would be showing some gameplay footage at the panel. Hopefully one or more outlets there get to put some video of it up. Hopefully they aren't waiting for E3 to show any to the public.

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@totsboy: If you already own it there is a significant price cut for the Directors Cut. If you're looking to play through it again (or for the first time) it is absolutely the best way to experience the game.

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@white: No news. Steam hasn't been updated with that date so I assume it's going to be slightly later.

Sigh. I bought this GTX 970, guys. Like, let me use it, jeez. I paid too much money for this. I don't really wanna pay $600 for a PS4.

Yes, PS4s costs $600 here.

Judging by how Ground Zeroes ran Phantom Pain isn't exactly going to give your 970 a huge workout at 1080. Hell my 980 can run the game at 4K/60 if I just knock filtering and SSAO down to high instead of Extra High.

TPP seems to have much larger environments in it however, so keep in mind that those might hurt the performance by an amount. A 970 will still run it better than the consoles can, but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't run as well as Ground Zeroes did.

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@bigdaddy81: I just finished maxing Hydriod. He's stupid strong. His 1st and 4th abilities can be placed anywhere you can see, so massive aoe damage from across a room. The first ability can be kind of hard to place when you first start but once you get the hang of it its insane.

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So I like running aero on my windows 7 machine because it looks nice and apparently I'm some kind of monster. Anyway, aero causes issues with any game I run in borderless window, so I set the compatibility feature to shut off desktop themes for every game I can run that way. For some reason enabling that setting for warframe does nothing. I have gotten the launcher to turn off aero, but it comes back on as soon as the main game starts, despite Warframe.exe and Warframe64.exe being set up the same way. Anyone have experience on this?

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Love to get in on this party too. IGN: cronus42

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Seems about right, or at least all those seem like sane things. Minimum GPU is higher than I would have thought, but I guess that isn't surprising based on everything they have shown of the game. guess it finally is time for an upgrade.

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@kevin_cogneto: With the speed that they are going through the games I doubt they would be able to get to TPP before June at least, and that's not factoring in any convention prep/ travel that they are going to have to do. Realistically it would probably more like August By that point I wouldn't really call it being in it's sales window. In terms making playthroughs of new games premium content, Patrick does it on Spookin all the time. Still you are right that they haven't said how far they are going to take this, I just doubt that now that they are this far that they will just stop part way.

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With Metal Gear Scanlon 2 coming to a close, Drew and Dan are coming closer to the more recent Metal Gear games. If they end up seeing this whole thing through by eventually playing through MGS V, I think Peace Walker is a pretty crucial game to play since it ties so directly into the latest games. It isn't a numbered game but I remember Kojima saying that it really should have been just based on how important it is to the overall story. What do you guys think? Personally I would want to see him play it since I think it's the most interesting entry so far gameplay wise, though that will likely be trumped next year.

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@mb: @stokes : I know they have made reference to upgrade paths and needing resources to complete them. That really is about it though. I also seem to remember a very early interview where sean said something about it being a race to the center of the galaxy. That might be out at this point though. Still yea it would be nice to get a more concrete idea than what we have.