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@mb: @stokes : I know they have made reference to upgrade paths and needing resources to complete them. That really is about it though. I also seem to remember a very early interview where sean said something about it being a race to the center of the galaxy. That might be out at this point though. Still yea it would be nice to get a more concrete idea than what we have.

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Game Informer Story

Basically it's going to run something like Journey or Destiny where everyone has a local lobby and people who are in the same spot automatically join each other's lobby and see each other. He says there is a player limit in a lobby, but doesn't say how many it is. Only that its more than people playing normally will need. He also goes into a couple ways that he would love to see the system work when it comes out, among other things.

Personally I think this is great. It's exactly how I figured and hoped they would handle multiplayer months ago, so it's nice to finally see some confirmation on it. Honestly just knowing that this is in there is enough to get me all the way in. Even the chance that you could just bump into some dude on a planet and then never see each other again sounds pretty awesome.

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I know his dad has had some health issues in the past couple of years, still it doesn't lessen the blow. I hope he passed peacefully and that Jeff was able to get some time with him near the end. I know he has been gone a bit recently, not sure if it was work or family.

Once again this community shows how awesome it really is. We're all here for ya Jeff.

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There are a bunch of twitch's own show vods that are muted due to this system. Holy shit the irony is real.

This is honestly the worst way this could have been done. There are a lot of bigger streams that have paid for the licences to play certain music, and they are still going to get hit by this because their system doesn't take that into account. The streamer has to dispute every single mute if they want their vods to be seen. It's bad enough that videos of games with music in them will be muted, but the fact that streamers are going through the legal route and paying for the right to use this music and still have to fight this new system is insane.

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Crysis 2 by far. I love everything about that first game, and the second was such a massive disappointment. It played worse, was designed worse, sounded worse, and weirdly enough looked worse. That game made me mad on so many levels.

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Some of the language with how the devs are talking makes it seem like you will be able to play with other people in your world. If that's the case I think the most likely case is a Destiny type deal. Everyone is their own locally run instance of the game until two instances overlap and they then share that space and can interact. Based on the scale of the game it's unlikely that more than a few players will share space at any one time, so the shared instance could probably be hosted by one of the players in it pretty easily.

They would likely build a cap into each instance as well, so only a dozen (or maybe even fewer) people can share an instance before another separate instance is made. That would avoid people just trying to break the game by all going to one spot. Now what happens if one big shared instance destroys a space station and a separate instance is looking at that exact station at that exact time? Who knows, they haven't really talked about how 'live' the updating to the central server is. If I had to guess, your local client has a version of the system saved on your drive, and updates on warp to that system/ login if you logged out there. I'll admit I haven't coded anything like this, so I can't speak to how hard it would be, but if it is feasible it seems like the way to go.

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@snide: Good luck with the launch duder.

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Sunderland, MD, USA

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So for the past few months I've been experiencing what seems to be weird frame rate drops in games where I had perfect 60+ before. Started looking into things with a frame counter and it got weirder. My frame rate doesn't actually drop, it just looks like its suddenly running at about 25 fps, while still having over 60 on fraps. It comes and goes for random amounts of time and no video driver updates or reboots seem to fix it. Anyone seen anything like this before?

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@rapid: Whoa whoa whoa wait. You're telling me Rich Gallup has a section in this thing too? Holy shit that's kinda awesome.