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2629 hours in Dota 2. Thats more than a third of a year. Add to that the hours I spent playing OG DotA and its easily past 3000. Second place is probably EVE online. Played on and off since 2006, but its hard to know how much active time I have in it.

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I'm still holding out for Ocelot to be a playable character in this game because holy shit that would be the best (but super unlikely) gotcha in the series. Still there's probably a better than 50/50 chance that David Hayter shows up/ Big Boss isn't the playable character after all/ this whole thing is a time travel game. Even though we are just learning that this is Kojima's last Metal Gear, the writing has probably on on the wall for him for some time, so I would have to assume that hes doing something real stupid with this one.

Honestly at this point if it comes out and hes been playing it straight the whole time I'll be pretty disappointed.

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@sessh: yea that collision was pretty solidly on rossberg. Nobody to blame but himself.

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First death the sport has seen in two full decades. I always held some sort of hope for his recovery, even if it was pretty slim chances. Hell of a sad day. RIP Jules.

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I'm interested to see what the one hint you got was. There is definitely a lot of wandering at the very start of the game, but once you get one puzzle they kind of lead into the next one more than Myst did. I'm really excited for you to get to some of the game's big ones, hopefully they don't get too frustrating.

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@thatpinguino: I always tend to take more than I need to. I just write down anything that could even possibly be important or useful. I even sketched out an entire puzzle to ponder it while I was in class one day. So yea normal people would probably be about half of what I did, but it's still probably the most notes you will end up taking through all of the games.

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@humanity: I don't know that inaccessible is the right word. It's just flat out the hardest one by a vast margin. I had between 20 - 30 pages of notes when I finished it for the first time. Now since you can get it on a dvd/ digitally and avoid the disk switching it feels a lot more like one big world and not so broken up.

Riven remains my favorite game in the series by far. I still have the solution to one of the biggest puzzles commited to memory. Hope you end up enjoying it!

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@rethla: Huh, I was under the impression they started on the Q3's. Nevermind then. Thanks!

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So will Hamilton and Rosberg have to start on those tires tomorrow (weather permitting) or are their slides counted as accidents? If they have to start with those crazy flat spots Vettel might have a bit of a window to move up early in the race. Rosberg especially looked like he left a ton of rubber on the track.

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