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Sell Mojang, take the $2 billion plus whatever ridiculous amount of money they'vve made in the past, and form a new studio with the exact same people, then blow raspberries at Microsoft. Play the system!

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Any idea what the song running through the E3 Day 2 video (especially clear at 10:48 forwards) is called? I'd kill for that track.

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@smilingpig: From what i've seen, that game is an utter pile of cartilage.

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I'm pleased to see Coming Out on Top getting a mention. Obscura deserves all the coverage she can get for her niche but (I think) important game.

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@mdnthrvst: You do know, it's one woman making that game, right? Also, your grammar nazi'ing is absolutely misused here. Grow up.

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@bartok said:

So how many people will buy this thinking it is the Telltale Game by mistake?

I think that's the whole conceit.

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@HatKing said:

I hope that Square grabs some stuff. Maybe Darksiders and Saints Row? Those feel like good fits over there. WB would be another good home, I think. I don't really want to play another Darksiders/Saints Row game every year, so let's keep them away from EA and Activision. Maybe Bethesda will buy something and actually start publishing some good games? Er, I guess I can keep clinging to the pipe dream that some benevolent entity will step in and buy these franchises for the sake of the art, or some shit. Aren't there any insane rich dudes who love video games?

Yeah, there was one. Remember Curt Schilling?

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@Doctorchimp said:

You already know Activision is gonna pick up Saint's Row.

And it makes me very :(

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It's gonna be TERRIBLE, so move swiftly on, please.

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There's a difference between what you describe (which is basically sexy cosplay) and directly hiring people to use sex appeal to get a game attention. One's a character act and a show of pride. The other is just whoring and pandering.