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what version of MGS are they playing? PS? or Gamecube?

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Hope he doesn't plan on archiving it to twitch. :(

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@patrickklepek: Would be nice to know how/if they plan on doing anything for games that have copyrighted music as their soundtrack. i.e. GTA, Rock Band, Audiosurf.

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Seems to be what happens when a big company takes over a little company. Big company just becomes a large target for copyright infringements so they have to change a ton of policies to keep from getting sued. Still sucks for users though. Does Ustream do this stuff too?

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I think this series needs a Reboot not a Remake.

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Sent a request to join.Crowation. :)

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If i remember correctly there was some backlash when Patrick got hired too. Seems to have worked out for the better for the site. Jeff's done a fine job of hiring in the past and I see nothing to worry about for giantbombs future based off of what i've seen from the new guys in other places. Everyone is always going to have an opinion to share and some of them are going to be negative. GB just keeps on keepin on and obviously they are doing well as is or CBSi wouldn't have given them a bigger budget to expand and hire new people in the first place. Also, who is to say what will happen the next time GB expands? Seems like Jeff had an opportunity to higher two well known individuals to fill two high positions at the site and already knowing that they shared common interests (wrestling for example) and probably some goals, he went with his gut to obtain them. Don't think anyone working for GB has said they where oppose to hiring more diverse. Just an opinion, but i feel like this site has made me, if anything, more aware of the need for diversity and opportunity for women and minorities than any other gaming site i've ever visited.

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Brad did awesome, I think he forgot the closing music, but other than that great job.

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Their snarky opinions prevent me from spending way more on video games than I do, so yes, please continue being very opinionated Giantbomb.