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Anxiously waiting the day when I can walk into a classroom about video games, or developers office and see that is equally divided between males and females and that everyone treats each other as human beings . Thanks Giant Bomb for making your opinions on these matters public. Keep up the solid work.

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I have destiny, i have enjoyed what i've played so far, that being said, I'm kinda with Jeff. As someone who recently turned 30 I tend to have more money than time to play games. I have no problem investing my $60 into a game, but if I don't connect with it in the first 2 hours I do consider it a let down. That's just my opinion though and I love trying new games and seeing what new spins developers put on things.

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Can i make it look like the smart watch on Goldeneye 64?

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I think it's ironic that people question the integrity of Giantbomb staff and their relationship with developers when the whole reason this site exists is because Jeff Gerstmann was fired from Gamespot for giving an unbiased review on Kayne & Lynch.

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what version of MGS are they playing? PS? or Gamecube?

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Hope he doesn't plan on archiving it to twitch. :(

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@patrickklepek: Would be nice to know how/if they plan on doing anything for games that have copyrighted music as their soundtrack. i.e. GTA, Rock Band, Audiosurf.

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Seems to be what happens when a big company takes over a little company. Big company just becomes a large target for copyright infringements so they have to change a ton of policies to keep from getting sued. Still sucks for users though. Does Ustream do this stuff too?

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I think this series needs a Reboot not a Remake.