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SLI would add nothing at that resolution, get a new monitor and keep saving for a 680.

You mean a 580?

SLI would make it so I get a solid 60 FPS with pretty much any game wouldn't it?

A 560 Ti will run the vast majority of new games at 60 FPS on a 1080p monitor. You have a better card and a lower res monitor. For the love of God don't SLI unless you get a 2560x1440 monitor or a dual monitor setup or something insane like that.

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Chunks? Or slabs? Because Dark Wraiths drop slabs. Sentinels, the large statues in Anor Londo, are the ones that drop chunks.


Okay, just saw they do drop chunks as well, but Sentinel's have grade A chance of drop, compared to the grade B of Dark Wraiths.

Grade B means it drops more frequently than Grade A.

In the guide at least, M is a 100% drop, and S is the lowest chance to drop. A is less rare than S, B is less rare than A etc.

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@Rorie: Have you tried dropping your summoning sign in front of the boss areas to regain humanity?

I helped out a ton of people with the Gargoyle bosses before I actually killed them myself, and I got plenty of Sun medals, souls, and a ton of humanity for my troubles.

Can you drop a Summon Sign when you're a Hollow? Because by the sound of things, he's Hollow and he has no humanity to revive into a human so he wouldn't even be able to leave a Summon Sign if it works like I think it does.

It doesn't matter if you're human or hollow, you can always drop your summoning sign. You only have to be human to summon others.

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@Turambar: Ah, forgot about pyromancy. I just want something to use when magic/fire would be preferable to brute force. Is there a trainer or someone I can learn it from?
Laurentius of the Great Swamp. Pyromancy would definitely fit your build better than Sorcery.
Seems like I'll be heading to the Depths after I'm done in lower Dead Burg then. Thanks for ze help.

He's trapped in a pot when you first get to him. Make VERY VERY SURE you don't try and break it by attacking it, that'll hit him too and he'll attack you. Break the pots by rolling into them.

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Pyromancy is nice because it scales with the level of your Pyromancy Flame, not with your intellect. You can level up your flame with any pyromancy trainer, and the first few levels are pretty cheap.

It's definitely a better option for a melee character than sorcery is.

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I wish more professors were as open minded as this guy.