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All the best for the future Patrick!

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You waited for Bowen

Knowing what was about to go down I figured we needed every able body.

You swore fealty to the King

Margaery asked me to and she didn't lie about talking to the Queen regent earlier so I felt I could trust her.

You took Erik's fingers

It's the law and it was a chance for me to show people I could deliver the punishment myself. Ways of the north and all that.

You picked Royland as Sentinel

Can't remember who but someone said to me that Duncan wouldn't make a good Sentinel because diplomacy really doesn't work with psychos like Ramsay Snow. Couldn't agree more. Besides I figured I'd be the smart one and my sentinel could be the tough one. Iron fist and velvet glove.

You met Ramsay at the gate

Probably should have left him out there.

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I think a lot of the console war fanboy stuff is more contained on certain sites/social media now with a big rise in entitled (mostly male) gamers across the board. You look at the reaction to a game going a different direction to what the fanbase wants, or introducing micro transactions or the ME ending stuff or the Watch Dogs graphics debate. A certain portion aren't happy unless their pre-chosen beloved games match up to what they want, irrespective of review scores etc etc. I'm not sure I prefer it if I'm honest.

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Great article Patrick.

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Duly noted! Thanks :)

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Joined so I could have a go at the contest but now finding delight in helping out with the fleet projects! Finally something to spend my credits on.

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Anyone know how to get the Crystalline Shards for the reputation quest? Played the Crystalline Catastrophe event on normal and elite and get nothing but marks from it.

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I watch a ton of sports and play shooters. That still was utterly uninspiring.

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@kaotoko said:

@korwin: Sadly, no - I disagree. Most gamers will have moved on by then and the handful who are still playing it will be ignored. There will be media hype, EA will be publicly disgraced (again), but if they even get sued it'll be swept under the rug and put down to a minority, whereas they're too busy spending that cash on a perceived majority.

They recently shut down 3 facebook games that people had invested money into. I wonder how many will get anything back.

Invested is such an interesting term to use. Personally I'd say you spend money on a microtransaction, it's a purchase not an investment. A company would be expected to protect an investment but EA (and most companies) would see that purchase as ending their role in your game the second they deliver whatever you paid for.

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My issue with the Polygon system is specifically when and where it is used. It feels like here it was used solely because they took flack from an angry userbase/anti EA online cabal and went into damage control. If you decide to use a flexible scoring system then you have to decide upon the mechanics of how and when you put it into place, you can't just do it randomly.

As for Sim City I've had zero problems. Played when I wanted with no wait and am loving it.