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I'm getting a Naoto vibe from him.

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Remote Endurance Run with Jeff and Vinny. With all that hardware at GBEAST, this has to be possible. Or Remote Play, live streaming, SOMETHING!!

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This one is very precious to me:

Title translates to "Terrible nonsense" from Japanese.

"She got a penitentiary body." - Ryan

Never seen Jeff laugh so hard.

For me, it's important to archive every little bit of terrible nonsense this site has pumped out over the years.

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1. It'd be cool if the video player, after you've hidden the chatroom stuff, would just fit to the width of the window. Currently it extends past the length of the window (1600x900).

2. Layout presets for the OCD. One setting can be the player taking up two-thirds of the window or something.

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I don't know.

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Pokemon. I'm talking about trading cards with RFID chips in them, Poké Balls, AR Pokemon battles with your 3DS. Gotta catch 'em all, man. Chase the dragon, Nintendo.

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I experience oddness everyday on this site.

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Watch out for that highly combustible oily moss.

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Nintendo is gonna save the Vita.