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The title really explains it all. I've looked pretty much everywhere and still don't quite understand how someone becomes a freelance game journalist. It seems like a difficult thing to accomplish if you don't have contacts who are already within the industry.

So, anyways, I was just wondering how all those freelance journalists get their jobs. Thanks duders.

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So, I'm a bit confused about the region locking on the SNES.

It's easier for me to buy the American SNES than it is for me to buy a Super Famicon, my problem however is that I want to play a lot of games from Japan. (Dragon Quest, Tetris Battle Gaiden, etc.) My question is how do I play these games on an American SNES? I heard about cutting off the tab on the cartridge (console?), but am not sure how this works.

Thanks Duders.

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I've been wanting to make a game for some time now, but I can't decide which engine to use. Since Unity now has more robust 2D scripts would it be more beneficial to go with it? Or would Game Maker still be the better option?

Keep in mind, I'm just starting out in Game design -- I'm a writer more than I am a designer and programmer -- so ease of use is also something to consider. Is Game Maker easier to learn and quicker to use than Unity? Or is Unity simply a matter of understanding how everything works, and from there it would be quicker to develop a game?

I'm planning on a 2D, Pixel based game, by the way.

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After watching video after video -- and reading a ton of tutorials to boot -- I still don't quite have my questions answered.

1. How did Deconstructeam create the art for their game Gods Will Be Watching?

My question isn't just about that one game, but any game involving pixel art -- especially the really, really beautiful ones. Is it just my own ignorance and stubbornness that makes me think it's impossible they took the time to draw each pixel, one by one, by hand? After all, the time it would take to do this would be extraordinary!

Is there some other, faster method of drawing pixel art for a game? For example, is it possible to draw out the character like you would any other, them degrade it down to simple, noticeable pixels?

2. What software, technique, and tools are they using to accomplish this?

I'm interested in drawing pixel art myself, but didn't quite know how to approach the subject. As mentioned before, is it a matter of patience, or a matter of knowing the various techniques for accomplishing such a goal?

I don't have a problem with clicking each and every pixel into Photoshop, I just don't see how a company who's game involves very detailed and awesome pixel art, could ever finish their game.

Thanks for all your responses ahead of time.

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Every time Dave showed off code on the site -- or any time he showed off his PC/Laptop in general -- he always had great wallpaper on his desktop. I searched around, but still couldn't find where he would've gotten them.

Does anyone know? Or has he never said?

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For everyone who said it was king of fighters, THANK YOU! You were totally right! I went back and watched the UPF with that game in it and I realized it WAS King of Fighters XIII, THANK YOU DUDERS!

Now I can get some sleep...

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I remember the bombers playing a match where the characters were inside a flying aircraft.

I'm not entirely sure but the game might have had a large amount of characters to select.

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