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Why not a heavy set black guy called Dwayne Carmine? That would work for me!

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I'm always up for gears. Gamertag is the name: crunkmeisterJT

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I think the sires were supposed to draw you into the game somewhat, by seeing the mutations; shock, horror etc. but really it alienated me from the story.

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I was thinking about COD 4 and LFD, but is shooters all that are good on live?

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TheSmilingDude said:

Main problem is with consumers being retards that simply do not care what they are spending money on... And once they have spent money they definitly won't look for anything wrong with their purchase because god forbid they made a mistake to learn  from...

Well, I think that's pretty much what we're acknowledging here. We care that gears 2 multiplayer is horrendous, but I loved (and love) gears 1 to this day, and I think it wasn't us being stupid by buying gears 2, and we can have hope that epic may improve multiplayer for gears 3... which is inevitably coming out.
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The random host selection is what really annoys me though. Me, having an awful connection, or someone else who has a great connection? It always seems to choose me. This results in crappy games and me getting hate off other players. Why can't they just choose the player with the best connection. They would get host advantage, but it is still better than having me host, and not play at all.

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Just bought a relatively new Xbox 360. I know I'm behind everyone else in this, but can anyone suggest some decent live games for me? (excluding gears 1 and 2)

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I feel the time for this topic has gone by, yet I am obliged to say that this no worse than sticking grenades next to weapon spawn points, or throwing smokes and hovering over people with chainsaws. Therefore, I think that it although annoying, it is a legitimate technique.