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Two. English and bad English.

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None, but not because of their body but their skin. I despise tanned skin and prefer pale skin. I don't know why it is, but tanned skin just always looks unhealthy and nasty to me. If I had to choose just based on their figure I would be fine with all three. I like each one for different reasons.

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@Scooper:  Ya I was thinking of going with an open M&T joint, but what do I use to keep it together? I would be afraid of the screw/nail causing a crack in the wood to form and ruin the structural integrity of that beam of wood since wouldn't they be the ones supporting most of the weight?
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 This guy.
@Scooper:  I just want a very simple flat chair that I can put some nice thick cushions on since I'm gonna be sitting in the thing for hours and hours at a time. I want to make sure that I don't have to worry about my legs and butt starting to hurt after sitting in it for an hour. RIght now I'm pretty much leaning towards making the right most chair in my OP since it looks to be both stable/strong and relatively simple to make.
As for the wood, I'm not sure what you mean by the stock. If you mean the dimension It's about three to four inches thick and as long as I need it to be. If you mean what type of wood I couldn't say. All I know is that my father had a pile of tree's in the back yard and we cut them into lumber ourselves. Never thought to ask what kind of tree it was. It's going to be used as siding for a garage if that helps any.
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@Lost_In_Gaming: No problem. I didn't know the bit about doubling as a book bag when I linked it, so I would guess that Ryan's bag would be ideal for what you would want to look for. Hope you find something you can use.
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@Scooper:  I'm curious though, is a Mortice and Tennon joint the best way to go?  Wouldn't cutting the wood down to a smaller piece hurt it's ability to hold weight? Wouldn't a dovetail work better?
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@Scooper:  Thanks. And ya, a big part of why I want to make this is because of that high you get from building something yourself. Could use a good confidence boost in my life right now. Just hope I don't have to deal with the crash of the high when it all falls a part some time from now. I have had good luck with things I build staying together though.
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I have never had a laptop myself, but I have been told that any old messenger bag works fine as long as you get one with good padding. Maybe worth a look into if money is an option. 
 Also, you may want to take a look at I think they had an article about this topic before. Or watch their old "Whats in your bag" videos. Buy something one of the Whiskey staff uses if you think it will work for what you want out of it.

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@Bruce: You should have seen it before I got the mod to help. Three pages of two douches who just kept quote chaining their dumb ass comments. Makes me sad to see the site the way it is some times.
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I couldn't pick just one. Too much stupid in the world that needs to be asploded. Too few asplode anyone in the world buttons to get the job done.