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@FizzleNizzleBear: @wrecks said:

" " Build a Chair" surprisingly returns results on YouTube. Whoda thunk it? "

And they are all videos that say "Hey dude want to build a chair? Buy our videos and learn!". As I said in my OP the only chairs that I have found to be comfortable to sit on for any amount of time have cost a lot of money. Money I don't have. 
@kelbear said:

" @crusader8463:   I'd start by going shopping for simple wooden chairs in furniture stores. You don't have to buy them, just identify what you like, and what looks feasible.  Then inspect it's construction. See how things are connected, the measurements of the various parts. Consider why they put the pieces in the places that they put them.   Cut yourself the pieces, replicate the construction, sand and stain, Then go to a homegoods for an appropriate cushion to attach.   Then throw it away when you realize what a shitty chair you've made, and go back to the furniture store to just buy a real chair because if you don't know how to make a chair, I'm going to guess that your first attempts will suck, just like 90% of people's first attempt at crafting something they don't know how to make. "

Like I have said about three times now, just buying a chair is not an option. I have experience with wood working, just not building chairs specifically. I have tried searching through Google but every keyword combination I could think of got me weird results that didn't work for me. I found a couple images, and as you said, I had planned to just examine them and see how they are put together, but I was just hoping to find a tutorial video somewhere to make sure there isn't some secret special cut or some kind of thing that needs to be done or the thing falls apart. I was hoping someone might know of a wood working hobby site that had videos on how to build stuff. Rather surprised there isn't one, or at least one that's easier to find. 
Woodworking is a common hobby and I'm surprised there isn't more people on this site that are into it.
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Wait awhile. If their servers are busy it can take some time to reset. If it still doesn't work contact support and see what's going on.

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@Gabriel:  He has done it a few times.
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Ya, I had no idea what it was about when I watched it over at By the time it was over I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

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  • Everyone in the house goes away for the weekend for some magical reason.
  • Just finished building a brand new PC.
  • Fire up some game that I have been waiting for ages to play.
  • Some extremely meaty/cheesy left over pizza that has cheese in the crust and is still nice and cold.
  • A case of ice cold Barqs Root Beer or Diet Sprite.
  • Bag of Cheeto's or Humpty Dumpty All Dressed chips.
  • Something sweet like a slice of cheese cake to wash everything down with after I'm done with the pizza/chips.
  • All my clothes removed from my body and piled into the middle of the floor with an air conditioner sitting next to me.
Heaven on Earth.
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@sopranosfan said:
" @Axxol said:
"I chose F., which is the "I am immortal" option. "
Tracing IP address now and will be on my way to your house soon.  There can be only one. "
Brava good sir/madem. Best reply I have read in ages.
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What ever the Government of Canada does with dead bodies that they find in apartments when no one comes to claim them. If by some miracle by the time I die that I somehow manage to get my life together and actually have people who care about me enough to make sure it happens then I want my body, should it be usable in some way, to be donated to science. Science is the closest thing I have to a religion, and since I'm not smart enough to become a scientist and help progress some field of science then the least I can do is help by donating my body to help in some way.

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 No, just fuck no. Last time I helped someone with a thread like this I got nothing but a bunch of 12 year olds bitching and moaning because I didn't say the games they had already decided to buy were good. Buy what the hell you want or save it for the end of the year when all the next wave of games come out.

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Back when I had one all I had to do was plug it in and it worked. I think I had Vista at the time though so it may work differently with Windows 7.