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@Alyse:  Give it a few episodes and you'll love it. I didn't care much for it at first, but by the second or third episode I fell in love with the characters.
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@Andrela:  Ya I know, but I hate the wait in between episodes. I enjoy them a lot more when i can just sit down and watch the whole season.
@Alyse: Why do you need to search? Just click the line that says "embedding has been disabled" and your browser opens the link in a new window.
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@Andrela:  I miss that show. That was one of their best episodes.
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Wow. I never knew people put so much thought into taking a piss or a shit. Personally I just look for a stall that doesn't have piss or shit all over it, do my business, wash my hands and go.
I think it's funny to hear people talk about washing their hands thoroughly because of all the germs they touched in there from others. Once you wash your hands you gotta turn the same water tap off that those same people who pretend to wash their hands do so you just got your hands dirty again. When you leave the bathroom you gotta grab the same door handle that all those people with shit and piss covered hands have to grab to get out of the bathroom too.

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Douche or not, if he makes a good movie I will still watch it. What he does or doesn't do on his own time doesn't make his work any less good or enjoyable.

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No, Pluto is a dog from old Disney cartoons.

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@nofx4208:  Well what a cow-inky dink. I just so happen to be a Medic. And an Engineer. And a Heavy. And a Sniper And a....
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@nofx4208: Certainly. lol
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Take some time off an do something else.

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@GoranP: I would apply for something but I think that I'll just wait for someone to come to me instead. Preferably in the form of a clandestine meeting in a dark alley way, or parking garage, where we both meet wearing fedoras and trench coats and talk in dark gravely voices while a thick fog rolls around our feet and a conveniently placed outside light shines a perfect circle illuminating the two of us in a mysterious silhouette. Perhaps hire some one to place a cat near some garbage cans to knock them over as we walk up to each other and first make eye contact, or have a car backfire which causes me to get spooked and shoot the guy you sent for me but I totally give you another chance at a meeting but this time you hire an assassin because you had sent your brother to the first meeting and now you want revenge. But I kill the assassin and vanish into the night only to show up a few months later standing over your bed with a gun pointed at your head when I say something along the lines of "Why did you try to kill me" and then you say something like "Because you killed my brother you bastard!" Then I pistol whip you in the face and throw a folder down on top of your unconscious body and vanish into the night, but not before stopping in the window turning around to look at your unconscious body and say "No I didn't". 
Then you wake up a few hours later and look at the folder that I left on your bed and see that it contains proof that there was an assassin hiding in the shadows behind us during the meeting with your brother and that I had been set up by your competition with the ultimate goal of keeping us apart and building a hatred of each other so that they could steal my talents from your magazine and have me work for them instead. Then we go on a bloody rampage hunting for the location of the man who runs the competing magazine over the course of many training montages, getting ready for the big fight montages and one awkward scene where you confess your love for me and I have to tell you that I don't go that way, but that I'm totally flattered by the advance and that you think of me in "that way". Then when we finally find the location of the place I walk off into the sunset towards the big battle that we have been building up to, only to stop turn around and say something heroic sounding like "Looks like their subscription just ran out." 
*cut to black*
*gun arming sound* 
To Be Continued...
*Fade to credits* 
*soft jazzy music plays*

Or you know, something along those lines.