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" @CABBAGES said:
" if they still had that pic when they turned 18 then what would happen ? "
Interesting question. I suppose it would become illegal to possess it. After all, I don't think a grandfather clause exists for child pornography. "
Why though? What makes it so wrong for the same guy to look at the same picture? But now it makes him evil and a pervert because of some arbitrary number? Even though it's the same picture of the same girl he has looked at for years?
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Yes, but not for not playing halo. You didn't miss much of anything so don't feel bad.

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Because it's supposed to be pronounced Zed and it's unpatriotic to do say it other wise. God dam Yanks, always gotta go changing shit just to feel superior to everyone else.

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Another PC franchise being run into the ground to appeal to the console kiddies. Surprise.

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The Truth Machine by James L. Halperin is one of the first books i ever read, and loved, that was not forced on me by school requirements. If it wasn't for this book, and His Majesty's Starship, i would never have discovered a love of reading.

Descriptions from the back of the books

Truth Machine:

The Truth Machine is about about a genius who invents an infallible lie detector. Soon, every citizen must pass a thorough test under a Truth Machine to get a job or receive any sort of license. Eventually, people begin wearing them all the time, thus eliminating dishonesty in all parts of human interaction, and eliminating crime, terrorism and a great deal of general social problems.

His Majesty's Starship:

Captaining HMSS Ark Royal as part of Earth's first interstellar delegation should be an honor. Try telling that to Michael Gilmore. His passengers are an ill-tempered prince and an inscrutable quadruped alien. His First Officer is ready to mutiny if Ark Royal engages its weaponry. The ship's A.I. seems to have turned renegade. And the neighboring vessel harbors a genocidal maniac. Oh, and it's altogether possible that they're heading into some kind of trap ...
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I think Dragon Age(PC) was released in 09, but i have been playing it since it came out so it's hard to keep track. If it did come out in 09 i guess i would have to say Mass Effect 2(PC), despite not being able to play it through to the end more then my first play through. The game is far too linear, story wise, that another play through so soon after the first is just mind numbingly tedious for me; it's the exact same story with little to no meaningful deviation of the plot or characters.
Actually i would have to give it to Bad Company 2(PC). I have enjoyed playing that game a lot. Assuming of course Dragon Age was released in 09, as that game trumps every game that has been released for awhile now.

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@cancerdancer: I find it funny that you point to his shooting skills as a negative. While i will be the first to admit seeing him do the PC RE5 QL made me want to kill the man, with how bad he was aiming, he is a far better shot then Vinny is on the JV team. Vinny stays back and keeps emptying clip after clip into their asses while brad aims for the head. The problem Brad has is that he runs into every thing without stopping to look first or think about what might be around the corner. Which in turn makes him afraid he will die on camera, thus requiring them to replay possibly thirty to forty minutes of a game, and pissing off anyone watching; so he freaks out and tries to run away to get into a better position.
As it has been said, don't fucking watch it if it bothers you that badly. 

 I just have a bad tendency to get angry when I'm watching someone play and they don't do it how I would. Didn't expect this big of a reaction! 

Welcome to the club, this must be your first Endurance Run. Everyone who watches an ER spends most of the time screaming at the screen when they miss some obvious thing or keep doing the same stupid mistake over and over again. It's part of the shows charm and just something that you gotta endure to enjoy the rest of it. It's not just an Endurance Run for the guys playing it to have suffer through bad game play and be forced to dance like little monkeys for our sick amusement, but the audience has to endure those annoying quirks of the guys playing it. 
If you cant handle it then don't watch it.
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As mentioned above, any of the Stargates are great. Stargate is one of my personal favorite TV series of all time, and yes I'm count all what twenty or so seasons of the original and the spin offs combined. If you want a GREAT Sci-Fi series to keep you busy for a LONG LONG LONG time then you cant get any better then Stargate.
If you like Star Wars i can not recommend the new Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon that's running right now more then enough. The first half of season one is a joke, I mean realllly bad, but from then on the show takes a much more adult tone and tells some truly amazing stories while still keeping it PG for the kid friendly time slot.  Although some episodes i honestly couldnt believe how dark they got the story to go considering it was still supposed to be for the younger audience.
While not space ships and alien sci-fi, think mad scientist making crazy weather machines sci-fi, Eureka is an awesome show. It has it's ups and downs, but it has some great episodes at various points in the three seasons it has been on air so far. Starting it's fourth late this year if i recall correctly.
If you are really really looking for any Sci-Fi, i loved the first few seasons of Andromeda. It has Kevin Sorbo, star of the 90's live action Hercules TV show, staring in it. It's a pretty low budget Sci-Fi series that has been on air for ages now on various channels here in Canada; in fact it was just on this very morning as i walked past the TV and someone was going through the channels. While i only watched a few episodes of farscape from time to time, it had a very low budget farscape vibe to it.

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Obviously the truth. If the cunt lied to me that would just piss me off more, as i can't stand lairs.