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@LordAndrew:  Is it a reference to something I just don't get? I assumed it was just random words.
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@CitizenKane said:
" @ryanwho said:
" Nothing because Im over 16. "
This is the best answer possible. "
Always good to see a mod joining in the mockery and insulting of a fellow user.
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As far as I'm concerned there best efforts to go green was their new DRM system, because once they added it to all there games most people refused to buy them anymore. So if no one buys them then they don't need to make more, and that just means less waste all around!

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@buzz_clik: I see now, I knew it had to be some silly little thing I never took much notice of. I tried to block out any scene with that guy in it from my mind so that's probably why I couldn't remember it. Ya, I hope that guy dies a horrible painful death at some point in the game. Better yet, I hope he is the killer so that we can inflict said pain and death.
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Can someone please explain this reference to me? I have watched all the ER's so far and I can't for the life of me make sense of how this relates to the ER.
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" I use foobar and use playback order -> shuffle (tracks)
It basically shuffles your playlist so that you won't hear a song twice. 
There is also a random option, but it suffers from the same problem you are describing and that is actually normal if the playorder is truly random.
It is called the Birthday Paradox.  Maybe your player also has a shuffle option, I would recommend to try that before you do big changes. "

Curse you oh minion of The Math Master for making me look at math! I had managed to keep one step ahead of my arch nemesis Math and had been avoiding it's cruel mocking gaze for until this day!
Seriously though, for some stupid reasons I never put two and tow together to realize that must have been what was happening. I guess I'm just gonna keep hitting the shuffle button and trying to remember where I left off at last time and just playing from there. I guess what I was looking for was the program to instead base its play order on what songs have the lowest play count, that way I never have to worry about music repeating itself and keeping any one song from becoming that song that you hear over and over.
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No idea, as I have only ever heard the name refereed to in music or TV shows as a bad thing. I believe it is a clothing store that sells goth/punk/emo clothing? No idea what's wrong with that. Would assume having a place to buy stuff for a niche group of people would be much easier then hunting for similar clothing on untrustworthy online sites that may rip you off or sell inferior products.
EDIT: After doing a cool google and upon seeing this KOTOR shirt as one of the first things when i clicked around the site, I have now decided it is the greatest fucking thing on earth.

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@Jack_Daniels: I tried it, but I'm not a fan of its interface. It's far too busy for my liking.
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Nothing eventful. One night driving home from work I got pulled over by the RCMP because i was swerving all over the road and they though i was drunk. I explained to them that i was just getting off work, this was around 1:00am on a Friday night, and that i was just very tired and that i had a long forty to sixty minute drive home. They just looked at my drivers licenses, my plates and the sticker on the windshield to see if anything had expired and told me to move along. 
The only eventful thing about it was that I was so tired that they had a mini high speed chase as they where behind me with the lights on for a good minute before i realized they where behind me. It was so dark and they had their lights on high beam so I just thought some jackass was behind me and I ignored him for a good minute or two before i noticed the red and blue lights mixed with the head lights. When they saw how tired I was and that i didn't smell like booze they just let me go.