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I want a poster of it myself. And yes this does look to have a mass-market appeal to it too. But its hard to say as i have been following the game for a year or so now. I'm just still mad that their is no PC version of it. Oh well i guess i need some game to turn my 360 on for. Oh god its gonna RROD from all the dust around it i just know it is. I have gotten away with no problems with it for too long. Other then the whole needing to drive to the store 6 times (1 hour each way and this was back when gas was up to $1.40 a liter) to finally get a 360 that worked.

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idk i say real. but that is the reason i hate kids. I gotta live with an 10 yo girl who literally runs around screaming like that EVERY time someone asks her to do something or even talks to her. Its pathetic and very sad.

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fuck her. if some one comes swinging shit at me i don't care if they got a vagina or a cock I'm fighting back. But for your situation i would have just shock my head, laughed and drove away. Or called 911 if you had an afternoon to waste and potentially go to jail as the double standard in today's society always sides with the woman in ever fight if a man's involved. Even when they are in the wrong.

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Please don't fuck this up  Hollywood please. You already destroyed one childhood love with that Dragonball Z live action crap fest.

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never like the metroid games but that does look nice.

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its not nice to make fun of the mentally challenged you know. BUT IT SURE AS HELL CAN BE FUN!

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awesome video. Looks like it would have an amazing story to it.  I always love the whole will you become what you hate the most in order to stop it story.

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to bad we gotta wait forever and a day for the dam PC version. hell even the commercials show the PC version!

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or you know, the PC. With no middle man shit like live to get in the way. But lol PC right?....sigh...

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my only case of Super Rage Quitting, as i like to call it wasn't even becasue of game play. I had an old snes game that i LOVED to play for hours everyday. Well one day i popped it into the machine to play and it kept locking up after 5-10 min of play. After an hour or so of me blowing on the cart, as we all know the ONLY way to get a cartridge to work even though the silly manual said other wise, it kept freezing. So i popped out the game held it in my hand, gave it the most evil and vile grin a 10 year old kid can give. Then i turned around and whipped it as hard as i could at the wall behind me. It didn't load after that ether :(

 And to this day i have never played another game of killer robots playing baseball again.....i miss that game...