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@rorie: Hey Rorie. I have been stock piling codes over the years as I have been a sub from the start, but there has never really been a shirt design or a size that worked for me. I got like $45+ in codes. Is there any way to use more then 1 to get the shirt for free? I cant really afford the $10 that's left over for shipping costs right now. Plus I have no way to pay for it. No credit card or way to get money to paypal.

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I'm currently in the process of trying to find interesting older games I missed from years past and am having a hard time tracking stuff down. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a site or something that has an easy to read list of all the games that came out on various platforms that offer videos or pictures to get an idea of what the game is about. An option to sort by genre or themes would be nice too.

I keep going to various websites, ign,gamespot,giantbomb etc., but I can never really find a good useful listing of everything. I have gotten to the point where I have found it to just be easier to google "Best underrated (platform) games" and seeing what I can find. But I feel like I have sucked those lists dry of useful information and just keep seeing the same games come up over and over again. The only other things I can find are giant lists of nothing but game names with no description or anything, and googleing them one at a time is kind of a pain since the name alone hardly tells you anything.

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I want some turn based RPGs. I hate action RPGs and enjoy a deep class/levelling system and strategic combat. I have been needing to hunt down old games from past platforms I missed, but all I can ever find are the bad low end stuff I have not played.

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Can anyone else only see Diamond Dallas Page on the Dan side of that shirt?

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Thanks guys. Going to try the PC side first, but she needs a controller to play games so I may try the emulator stuff. Figured this would be the route to go but I wanted to hear from folks that have played the games since they were never my thing.

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So my girlfriend wants to play through the main line silent hill games, and I see there's about a million different ways to get them. I have no experience playing these games myself so I was wondering what the best platforms to play them on are? Are the PC ports all broken garbage? Or will I need to find the old console versions? Do the PC ports all have controller support?

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Any thing is bad if you don't have enough or too much of it. It's all about finding the right balance that suits you.

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All the stuff I had over the years broke or I got sick of looking at it and threw it in the garbage. Box it away for some time and in 6 months to a year pull it out. If you don't get excited to see the stuff again then just chuck it out after checking prices on eBay.

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A phone game called zombie defence. Tried the wwe immortals phone game for a few days, but got bored of it real quick once the cool visuals and themes got old. Can't bring myself to start anything on my PC or consoles for some reason. PC because my only hard drive is a tiny ssd after my main drive died.

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Racing games. Never liked a racing game in my life.