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Thanks guys. Going to try the PC side first, but she needs a controller to play games so I may try the emulator stuff. Figured this would be the route to go but I wanted to hear from folks that have played the games since they were never my thing.

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So my girlfriend wants to play through the main line silent hill games, and I see there's about a million different ways to get them. I have no experience playing these games myself so I was wondering what the best platforms to play them on are? Are the PC ports all broken garbage? Or will I need to find the old console versions? Do the PC ports all have controller support?

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Any thing is bad if you don't have enough or too much of it. It's all about finding the right balance that suits you.

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All the stuff I had over the years broke or I got sick of looking at it and threw it in the garbage. Box it away for some time and in 6 months to a year pull it out. If you don't get excited to see the stuff again then just chuck it out after checking prices on eBay.

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A phone game called zombie defence. Tried the wwe immortals phone game for a few days, but got bored of it real quick once the cool visuals and themes got old. Can't bring myself to start anything on my PC or consoles for some reason. PC because my only hard drive is a tiny ssd after my main drive died.

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Racing games. Never liked a racing game in my life.

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I recently introduce my girlfriend to GB and she has a crush on Dan and Brad. So fuck em I say!

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I love critical hit. It's a D&d 4e podcast and there is so many stories and episodes I'm jealous of people starting it. Took me about a year to catch up. Even if you don't care for dnd, they tell a good and fun story. And they stay in character most of the time. It's a fun listen to.

I wish I could suggest more, but all I got is critical hit, bombcast, and wrestling stuff.

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First Christmas with a girlfriend. So I'm hoping to start someth8ng new. Usually I work Christmas. Can't pass up on that holiday pay. This year we are not open for Christmas however, so gf and I are going out to my dad's for a Christmas supper.

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I like host Brad. Brad is a super smart guy and has a lot of good points. Putting him in a hosting role forces him to stay awake and contribute instead of sleeping. Sleepy Brad is funny on UPF because we can see him nodding off, but not so much on an audio only podcast.