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Just moved into a new apartment and won't be able to get my PC set up any time soon. So I was wondering if there's any ways to watch GB content on a ps4, ps3, or Wii U? Got them hooked up to my TV. I got my girlfriends laptop I can use some times to stream from, but it's not always free.

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Gaming communities. I all but stopped going to sites and interacting with people because they are all so terrible. Nothing but bad experience after bad experience. It's just not worth the effort going through the people to play some games. Also every time I try to read about the industry or listen to what's going on all people seem to talk about is terrible gamers are being, or how everything sucks. I'm at a point now where I think I might be done with gaming as I have had it in my life for the first 28 years. I think I will just stick to watching trailers and seeing what looks neat. Tired of knowing a little bit about everything. Even stuff I will never play.

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Woot! Now I can buy this on a second platform and never really play it!

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Stargate. The star wars cartoons, Battlestar Galactica come to mind.

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Just some advice. Perhaps try to play games that are more turn based that don't require twitch response. I wish you the best luck in recovery.

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Brads DOTA stuff, and as of late Quick Looks. I just find QL's to be super dull and boring these days. Unless it's a live show of some sort I just don't care much for it. And even then I often feel rather meh. I hate that I don't like GB's content much any more outside of the odd video here and there. I miss having Ryan and Vinny around.

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@carryboy: @demoskinos: @corruptedevil: IDK. I haven't really been watching wrestling as of the last few months. I just listen to the powerbomb cast before a ppv and see if it seems interesting enough to watch. My dad always gets them so I thought I would sit in and watch. None of it really interested me. Just don't like any of the stars wwe is pushing right now so the whole thing was rather lackluster in my eyes. Maybe without the context of build up it losses something idk.

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That PPV was painful to watch. The last match was even more so. On the one hand, yay for seeing cena get his butt kicked, but boo for how terrible of a match it was. Lesner looked like he was about to pass out after a couple throws. I kept praying for the fans to start a this is boring chant. Also, that kid screaming lets go cena was like nails on a chalk board.

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@corruptedevil: @billymagnum: That's what I thought too, but it has no other issues. I can use astro file manager to search for any file on the sd card and load it. I got hundreds of hours of podcasts that can play from the sd card with Beyond Pod. I can even load astro file manager to the folder where my music is stored and load it one song at a time into any player, but when I go to the player itself nothing in heaven or hell can make my music show up in those dang apps.

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Was just wondering what were some good music players for android phones. I'm using the HTC One VX and after trying every music play in the top 10ish on the market none of them are able to read the music on my SD card. A couple do when I first install them, but as soon as I restart the phone it all goes up in smoke. The last one even decided to delete my whole music collection which I now have to try and rebuild after my back up hard drives on my PC died at the same time.

I tried some streaming apps, but they all suck butt, are not available in Canada, or are useless to me since I don't have data on my phone.