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Is Mirror's Edge a first-person shooter?

Yes. It's a FPS Action jumpy puzzler thing. While it does other stuff it's also a FPS. Just like TR.

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I hope I'm wrong, but I can't shake this feeling that E3 is going to be terrible this year and set off months of people moaning about not having anything to look forward to.

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Wow... seeing that post by Ryan at the bottom of Vinnyies Steam page took me to his Steam account and seeing the last time logged in number made me super sad. I guess when we pass all these online accounts just float around in the nothing. Never getting used. A lot of people still have him on their friends list too. I couldn't imagine how hard that would be to see his name there always knowing it's never going to come online.

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The game runs fine for me, but only after getting past the hot garbage that is uplay. Gameplay itself is silky smooth.

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I can't memorize combos so I can never get good at them. I always wanted to find a game and just master one character, but no matter how much I try I just can't seem to get them button combos memorized. Doesn't help that fighting games these days apparently list them in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics just to make it that much harder.

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Take a look at the Wii section of my list. Those are the only ones that had any interest to me.

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@sanity: Just posted mine. Hurry before they be gone.

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I played with the X-Box 3 controller at a Futureshop and it felt really nasty and uncomfortable to handle. Meanwhile the PS4 one felt super nice. I think the X-Box 3 controller is a step backwards compared to the 360.

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If I ever get a PS4 I plan to buy disk. I don't buy digital on closed platforms as I don't trust them to not make up some BS excuse to stop offering me a way to download them.