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Anime is more varied so it would entertain me longer so I picked that.

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Still gutted by taker losing. It was such a bad match and he lost to such a boring wrestler that it makes me sad. The rest of WM30 was top notch though. Will be super interested to see if they can keep up this quality.

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Is there anyway to watch that hall of fame show if you don't have the WWE network? Would be fun to skim through. I have seen clips on youtube of past years but I can never find the whole thing for a long time.

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@crusader8463: I've heard that the new update has changed it up a lot too? You had chance to play it at all?

Ya I was just playing it a few hours ago actually. There's a lot of new weapons, a new race of alien, a lot of new events to see, and several new ship systems like cloning and hacking. There's also some little UI stuff that just adds to the game feeling much more refined and easier to use. Like more detailed tool tips, and -my personal favourite- being able to save who is at what station and being able to get them to run back into place instantly.

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FTL is the only thing up there I like so my vote is for that. If nothing else get your hands on the OST for FTL. It's the best music ever. I often play it instead of a games own music and it works well in many a game.

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Go to the video section, click on subscriber, got to page 18, and scroll to the bottom. I suggest you start there.

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Just saw this on youtube and thought I would share. If you are not already sub to this guys channel so we get more awesome stuff like this. Mick Foley is one of, if not, my all time favourites. Wish I could see his stand up show live.

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Yup. I remember trying it back in the day on my PS2 and really enjoying it but I got distracted by other stuff and never went back. If they did a $20 remake I would buy it.

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I think it's even more pointless to take one then going through physical real world schools. There's so much bad word of mouth about them that you might as well write your resume on coloured paper with crayon and sprinkles then to put that you went to one for the good it will do you. While I'm sure the education itself is fine, no one takes it seriously so it's a waste of time.