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@TekZero:The other reason I avoid reviews is that I find they can taint my first experiences and hurt my feelings toward it as I play. If I know going in that a game is getting universal praise and being heralded as the greatest game ever created and hearing nothing but how it's the video game equivalent to being in a orgy, then when I get into it, and end up not caring for it as much, I feel like I must be doing something wrong the entire time and am unable to just enjoy it for what parts I like.

I didn't get around to playing red dead redemption for several months after it came out for example, and after hearing it talked about for so long as the above mentioned type of game, when I finally got around to playing it, it was a complete let down. It was talked up so much that it was impossible to live up to the hype for me, and I ended up putting it on the shelf and not touching it for months. Then one day many months later, after I had forgotten about all that stupid talk about how it's the greatest thing ever created, I sat down and was able to just enjoy the game for what parts I did enjoy. Overall I didn't really care for it, but it had enough parts that I did enjoy to make me glad I finished it and got to see it to the end.

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so it will go F2P around May next year then? Cool.

This made me LOL. So true, can't wait to try it out for a weekend when it's F2P. Than uninstall it when I realize it's still crap.

It's pathetic how without even playing it you all judge the quality. I've played it for the past month, and it's a great MMO.(By the way it's not very much like WoW.)

It would have to be the most incredible MMO experience ever for that to matter, cause the fact that it will go F2P (cause believe me, it will) has little to do with quality and a hole lot to do with the current market and a business model that clearly doesn`t work in it.

That was my answer if you are a thoughtful person looking for a discussion, if this is fanboy rage directed at me consider me uninterested.

There's nothing wrong with the $15/month model other than everyone that has tried to use it over the last few years has been trying to do it with crappy games that no one has been willing to pay for. The MMO's that have all tried to use it have sucked, and when compared with all the pay 2 win ones that people can download and screw around with for free, and get that fix they are after, why would they pay for a crappy one of the same quality when they can download any number of the other billion pay2win ones out there for free? The model is fine, it's the standard of what's considered acceptable of a game to be priced at that has risen to such a high degree that no one, until now, has been able to attempt to make one like that.

TOR is going in trying to do this crazy thing where they make a quality MMO with all the bells and whistles that people expect from a modern MMO right out of the gate, and not have to wait for 2+ years of patches before it catches up to what's considered standard. From what I have seen and played of it it's a great MMO that can be held up to the best of the best and hold its own if not outshine. Let all the haters like the first few posts in this hate all they want, and while they are off sulking and bitching about a game they have never played before being so terrible, millions will be playing and enjoying it.

I'm not claiming the games perfection incarnate or anything, but it annoys me to no end to see people run around talking out their ass about how the games dead before it has even come out as if it's a fact.

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I couldn't stop picturing someone walking around in a plain tshirt with a giant penis on the front after reading the title of this thread.

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I have been alone all my life so it's no big deal to me to keep going like that, and C is something I hope to have some day should I ever find the right person who can stand to be around me. So since I finally now have a Job to lose, I guess B.

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@TekZero: Advice for polls in the future, type out your OP in another tab/notepad so you can just copy paste it as soon as the poll gets made. Blows my mind that Dave, or whomever is in charge of this crap, has still not added a way to type in your OP when making a poll.

As for your question, nothing. I never look at reviews for games or anything because I can never find someone that I agree with and share a common interest in things outside of the odd item or two. If I think I might want to buy a game then I pop onto youtube/google and take 10-15 min to do some research and make my decision from there. I will watch a couple trailers and look for someone doing a gameplay video to get a better feel for what to expect from gameplay. Then I will check some forums to make sure there are no big huge bugs or problems with the game like not being compatible with Windows 7, if it's an older game, terrible KBM controls, or just general crappy/buggy game problems.

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Score for what?

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Saints. Wait for SM to go on sale for $5-$10 during some Steam sale and pick it up then. It's a fun mindless few hours, but it's not worth new price.

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Personally I would wait until you can afford the mobo/CPU upgrade. Better bang or your buck in the long run.

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None of it is really doing anything for me. I guess the Jar thing, but I was getting it before for free from that video site he used to upload them to.

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Nope. If KBM are so terrible that the game can't be played with it then I uninstall it and never buy a game from the people who made it again.