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Nope. 1 MB DSL line here. Best I get in actual use is 190KB/S

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I couldn't care less about:

  • Arkham City - Found the combat and level design of the first one mind boggingly repetitive and boring, and this just looks like more of the same. I want more of a focus on the stealth/strategic take down aspects of batman.
  • Modern Warfare 3- Never cared for the series.
  • Battlefield 3- Tried the beta and was not impressed. Game felt off, wasn't any fun to play, and the whole launching the game from a website crap is really poorly implemented. Plus I refuse to support origin by buying a game they are holding hostage on the service.
  • Gears of War 3- I hate playing shooters with controllers. If it ever came to PC I would buy it in a heart beat, but I know I wouldn't enjoy playing it with a controller.
  • Uncharted 3- Same as above.
  • Halo Anniversary- Same as above.
  • Assassin's Creed- Was never a really big fan to begin with, but after getting tricked into buying that broken buggy POS Brotherhood I'm still rather jaded on the series.
  • Dark Souls- I prefer my masochism to involve real life people.
  • Any of the Yearly Sports Games- Just not a fan of sports games.

Rage is the only one I'm on the fence about. Most of the stuff I have seen and read about it leave me rather uninterested, but every now and then I will read or see something that makes the game look good. I will wait for a Steam sale before I pick it up, but, unlike the above mentioned, that one I will be keeping my eye on.

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@Capum15 said:

@crusader8463: I see, that's an interesting viewpoint.Though I think we can all agree to edit titles.

Yes and no to the last part. I think it too could just as easily be abused in a similar way as mentioned above, make a thread about topic A then when it dies off rename to topic B and bump it to lure in people with a new thread, but that could easily be avoided by having a 1 thread title edit limit. That way the people that just want to fix a typo, or reword a poorly worded title, can do so, while limiting how frequently it could be abused.

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@Chop: I think it's a generational thing. I asked my grandfather whom he would vote for last election and he said conservative. I asked him why and he said he didn't know. That's just what he always did so that's what he was going to do. He's 92 years old so you can't really say much to convince him to break with tradition, even this crazy thing called logic, but I still think the only reason the idiot conservatives get elected every year is because the population of people like my grandfather, mixed with the idiots you mentioned, are still just enough to let them win.

I just hope the country stays around long enough to be saved from itself.

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Dark days are a comin for Canada.

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I don't care about any form of social media.

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Because owning apple products has become a status symbol.

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I was wondering if someone could help me getting my microphone to work on my PC. It's windows 7 64 bit. For some reason my microphone refuses to register and pick up signals no matter what port I plug it into. When I go into the sounds/recording tab half of the devices are showing up as not plugged in, and the other half doesn't pick up any noise when I talk into the mic. I have also tried downloading the drivers for my sound card hoping that would solve it, but every one I download from the official site it says it's not the right version for the card I have or that I just flat out don't have one. Even though they are the same drivers I have downloaded a dozen times over over the years I have had this computer.

Any and all advice would be appreciated.

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@Capum15: @ZeForgotten:People could make spam threads then delete them after a while and make it harder for the mods to track down the people doing it. People could make topics about whatever vile thing they want then just delete them a few pages in when they realize no one on the site supports them. And it would lead to people just making tons of empty/one word threads then deleting them to spam the forums and make it hard to find real topics.