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If you're going to have a virtual romantic relationship, why not have one with a "real" person rather than a computer controlled NPC? Chances are it will also be a gay relationship because, you know, all girls are guys pretending to be girls in these games anyway.

Why not do both?
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@Galiant: Just keeping people on their toes. Originally it was just "TOR adding gay relationships post launch." but I like a good vague thread title to make people read beyond the title and not just post without reading the OP.
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Simple question today. Would you watch a cartoon series based on the characters from TF2? I personally love the character designs and the meet the videos are some of my favourite things go. So if they ever did a series I would be first in line. Even if it's not a full blown TV series I would be happy with a series of web shorts every year, or even the odd hour hour and a half movie.

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@RockmanBionics: Hells ya! Missions like "Get food." "Clean litter box." "Play string game."
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@Liber: I feel dirty defending DA 2, but I never had that problem. I picked the person I wanted to be inside my lady hawk near the start and no one hit on me after. As for the other part of your post, really? Screaming "Would someone think of the kids!" as your justification to be prejudiced?
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@Liber: Why shouldn't there be? If you hate it so much just don't stick your penis in any other guys. Also, what does DA2 sucking so much have to do with gays?
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@BoG: Every class gets a handful of unique NPC companions as you level up. Each one has a backstory and history that open side quests for you to explore if you like them and want to get to know them better, just like every bioware game to date. You can use them to fill rolls in a party while playing, or if you don't use them though they all sit around your ship like house cats just waiting for you to get home and show them some attention. Or instead of having them just sit around when you are not using them, you can put them to work for you. You can send them off on generic missions to rank up, gather loot for crafting, or just to make you money while you are not playing the game. As with every bioware game, if you do all their side quests and pick the right choices when you talk to them then you can get to sex them up. Just like house cats. I mean, uhh...
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@Red: I hope they never looked at any aspect of DA2 when designing this game.