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As long as it's just them trying to sell movies, music and crap like that, and the service can be disabled, I'm fine with it. I will just disable it and never use it. If however they start making developers use it as a mandatory service, or start trying to force x-box style standards on PC games, well then this video pretty much sums up my feelings on windows 8 and Microsoft.  

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Download them to your PC then stream them to the 360.

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No idea what to expect from a TGS, so I'm not excited for anything.

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The 3DS has just been one cluster fuck after another since it launched. I wonder if/when Nintendo just throws it out and comes up with something new.

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@Creamypies: The combat in dead island is what made the game so unplayable boring and repetitive for me. Combat consisted of doing nothing but running up to a zombie, hitting E to kick it to the ground/stun it, then spamming the left mouse button while aiming for the head until it died. Repeat ad nauseam. Sure you could target the body parts, but there was never any need to becasue one kick and they were on the ground and helpless. Two to three wacks on the head later and they were dead. When you got more than one enemy on you at a time all you did was the same thing as mentioned above, but circle strafe and kicking each enemy to the ground before you start in on bashing them in the head.
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@gike987: When I watched it it looked like it kept going. Will have to watch it again and take ac loser look.
@Aishan: Hope so, but I never assume stuff like that because I always end up disappointed when it's not in the game.
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@Creamypies said:

@Master_Funk said:

First person combat is hard to get right, and they would rather put resources into the world and the quests. People dont come to these games for combat

That's a poor argument. You can't excuse the poor combat, just because the focus of these games is story & setting.

Games are there to be played, and if they don't play well... then they possess a major flaw.

First person melee combat can be done well. Just look at the Condemned series & the recently released Dead Island. Both games achieved what The Elder Scrolls never has.

I really want to play Skyrim, but if it plays anything like Oblivion, then I just can't put myself through that. The combat in Oblivion literally stopped me from playing it.

I agree with your point about it not being excusable, and I have never played Condemned so I can't comment on the quality of its combat, but anyone pointing to Dead Island to prove something done well automatically invalidates their argument in my eyes. Everything about that game was terrible, and the combat especially was just god awful from top to bottom.
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After watching the E3 video they released a few days ago I'm not as excited as I was for the game. I find melee combat in all RPG's really boring, I never play melee warrior classes, so that doesn't bother me any. However, unless the game pauses when you switch to different magic spells it look like it's going to be a major pain in the ass to use magic, because you need to pop open that list and filter down it every time you want to switch powers; which looks like it takes several seconds to do even when you know where to look. If it pauses when you go looking I guess it won't be that big of a deal, but I can still foresee me just wishing I had a power tray to activate my powers from the entire time. It just looks unnecessarily cumbersome.
The only thing that's giving me hope that this won't break the game for me is that it was console gameplay they were showing and not PC. Hopefully the PC will allow you to do stuff like bind certain spells to hot keys, or make a short list of powers that you can cycle through with the scroll wheel. They won't of course, but I will keep hope that they take the effort to do stuff like that until I see otherwise.

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No one has anything they want to show off?