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@RockmanBionics: Hells ya! Missions like "Get food." "Clean litter box." "Play string game."
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@Liber: I feel dirty defending DA 2, but I never had that problem. I picked the person I wanted to be inside my lady hawk near the start and no one hit on me after. As for the other part of your post, really? Screaming "Would someone think of the kids!" as your justification to be prejudiced?
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@Liber: Why shouldn't there be? If you hate it so much just don't stick your penis in any other guys. Also, what does DA2 sucking so much have to do with gays?
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@BoG: Every class gets a handful of unique NPC companions as you level up. Each one has a backstory and history that open side quests for you to explore if you like them and want to get to know them better, just like every bioware game to date. You can use them to fill rolls in a party while playing, or if you don't use them though they all sit around your ship like house cats just waiting for you to get home and show them some attention. Or instead of having them just sit around when you are not using them, you can put them to work for you. You can send them off on generic missions to rank up, gather loot for crafting, or just to make you money while you are not playing the game. As with every bioware game, if you do all their side quests and pick the right choices when you talk to them then you can get to sex them up. Just like house cats. I mean, uhh...
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@Red: I hope they never looked at any aspect of DA2 when designing this game.
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@Dany said:

You are remembering incorrectly I believe.

Norm said the bracelet he was wearing would be good for retards. Everyone started booing Norm, Will was all "DUDE?!?!? SERIOUSLY!?!?!" Norm looked instantly shamed by what he said though.

also the term retard when used as slang or an insult is an 'old' thing. People now adays know not to use it in public company.

Indeed, my bad.
@Gamer_152 said:

Their over-the-top reactions are a joke, Whiskey use this kind of humour all the time (see: cunt).

Thanks, I am aware of the concept of sarcasm. I just remembered it not really sounding sarcastic and more serious. Though as my above comment can show, I don't have the best of memories.
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For those who have not been following along there has been some negative publicity when it comes to The Old Republic on the topic of homosexuality/lesbianism. The big one being when they started banning people from the forums who talked about being gay/lesbian in their personal lives as the words were considered "bad" and broke the forum rules, this has since been rectified, but the other big topic in question has always been about whether or not you would be allowed to have said relationships in game.

While Bioware has had a long history of having gay and lesbian options in all their games, Star Wars on the other hand has had an even longer history of never allowing gay/lesbian characters in their universe. To the best of my knowledge the only time an openly gay character has been allowed in an official Star Wars sanctioned product was the character Juhanni in Knights of the Old Republic who would accept advances from the player if they were also a female character; coincidentally a Bioware game. There have been several forums on the official site asking about this, and up until now the answer has been a big resounding silence from the developers.

However, yesterday they finally came out of the closet and ended their silence on the topic with the below official statement saying that they would be including the option for players to romance people of the same sex in an update post launch.

The official statement posted on the SWTOR Forums discussing the topics:

Due to the design constraints of a fully voiced MMO of this scale and size, many choices had to be made as to the launch and post-launch feature set. Same gender romances with companion characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic will be a post-launch feature. Because The Old Republic is an MMO, the game will live on through content expansions which allow us to include content and features that could not be included at launch, including the addition of more companion characters who will have additional romance options.

Whenever they do finally add it to the game, it should be some interesting reading in the patch notes. Sadly, there has still been zero word on Wookie romance options.

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@KarlPilkington: I figured it was that or that it's a goal of theirs to piss off Will on live events and when they heard that they knew they were winning. I figured I would ask anyway in the off chance it was some inside joke I didn't know about.
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I have no idea what's coming out this year or not, but if it's on this list, and coming out this year, then them.

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I think it was on the BLLSL, or some recent live show, where Norm did something dumb during a tested segment and will looked at him and called him a retard on camera. When Will did this you could hear everyone in ear shot start booing and jeering Will really loudly for saying it. This left me confused. Maybe its a regional thing, maybe they were just giving him a hard time because he was obviously getting mad/annoyed at Norm, maybe it was just an inside joke, or maybe someone in the office has handicapped family so the word is a no go in that circle of people, but why did everyone make such a big deal about Will calling him a retard? I have also noticed this level of trepidation about using the word on the odd bombcast as well. 
I understand it's not polite/PC to use, but I have never in my life seen anyone make such a big deal out of someone using the word as an insult like that let alone an office full of people freaking out the second the word was uttered the way they all did.
EDIT: Apparently my memory is worse than I realize, and it was Norm that said retard and not Will. Sorry for blaming ya Will. I can be such a retard some times.