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Skyrim doesn't have those eye bleedingly terrible character models and animations, so it's already leaps and bounds better than oblivion in my books.

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Dead as PC gaming. Oh wait...

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99% of this list.

I remember playing with you in Tf2 from your steam name :O Its been over a week but i remember that name!!! also Steam library is close to how many unplayed games yours is. I have finished a few games lately though. Dead island being the last one, dead space 2, yakuza 1.

A few that i need to finish that I am going to work on soon are Persona 1 (psp), persona 3 Fes, persona 4, yakuza 3, pokemon SS and Black, Crisis core, Devil Survivor, monster hunter freedom (psp) Red dead redemption, 3d dot game heroes, Bayonetta, Disgaea 3, ffxiii, LBP, LBP2, MGS4, Brotherhood, Demonsouls (NG+ (9th time)), and many many more that i cant see since its dark and light switch is not close to me.

Actually I think I am going to play some Tactics 2 tomorrow and try to beat it since i have owned it since launch and have the strategy guide that is bigger then my towns phone book -.-

Small world. Glad I left an impression on ya I guess. Hopefully a good one. Sorry if you made it into one of these videos I made. I get a little stab happy.   

Maybe it's been all the talk about warhammer on the podcast the last few weeks, and that painting thread that went up not to long ago, that made me get it into my head, but I got a hankering to play some Dawn of War and re downloaded them all a few days ago. Other than Soul Storm I have beaten all the expansions many years ago when I owned them in disk form, but I never had Soul Storm until I got it on steam. I remember playing it for a few hours and sadly just not being in the mood for some DOW at the time and never really getting into it. So now I'm working my way through the games to get back up to it. I beat the base game a few months back, but I needed a break after that. I'm now on the last mission of Winter Assault for the Imperial/Eldar side, and after that I will break into the Chaos/Ork missions. 
I got a job interview to go to in an hour or two, and if I get that then it will probably be some time before I get to finish the game. If I don't, then I will probably burn through the rest of Winter Assault in the next day or so.
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@RecSpec: I could see them losing some appeal if they made a TV series and just churned them out, but what about a yearly/bi-yearly 45-60 min movie? Sync it up with some big update for classes, throw in a free item for every class when you buy the movie on steam for $5. Could be a cool yearly event to keep people coming back.
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If you're going to have a virtual romantic relationship, why not have one with a "real" person rather than a computer controlled NPC? Chances are it will also be a gay relationship because, you know, all girls are guys pretending to be girls in these games anyway.

Why not do both?
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@Galiant: Just keeping people on their toes. Originally it was just "TOR adding gay relationships post launch." but I like a good vague thread title to make people read beyond the title and not just post without reading the OP.
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Simple question today. Would you watch a cartoon series based on the characters from TF2? I personally love the character designs and the meet the videos are some of my favourite things go. So if they ever did a series I would be first in line. Even if it's not a full blown TV series I would be happy with a series of web shorts every year, or even the odd hour hour and a half movie.

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@RockmanBionics: Hells ya! Missions like "Get food." "Clean litter box." "Play string game."