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@sanity: Just posted mine. Hurry before they be gone.

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I played with the X-Box 3 controller at a Futureshop and it felt really nasty and uncomfortable to handle. Meanwhile the PS4 one felt super nice. I think the X-Box 3 controller is a step backwards compared to the 360.

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If I ever get a PS4 I plan to buy disk. I don't buy digital on closed platforms as I don't trust them to not make up some BS excuse to stop offering me a way to download them.

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When steam has it on sale for $5-$10.

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That time they played the video game and were snarky and sarcastic about it.

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Command and Conquer Renegade. 12 years old, poorly reviewed and still anywhere from 50-100 people online at any time, which is more than enough for 1-2 full servers. Also, the modding community for that game is insane and on par with things like Quake and Unreal.

Also, it's totally awesome.

FUCK YA! I'm one of them. Even got a friend who never played the original into it and it blew his mind.

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Have been playing the Command and Conquer Renegade X remake non stop for the last few weeks. People loved the game so much that they rebuilt the fucking thing in another engine just so they could keep playing it after EA shut down the games servers. The PC community doing stuff like that is why I love them so much.

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I already booked the week off from work, but I'm afraid I won't get it this year as the folks at work are a-holes as of late. Interested in seeing how it turns out. Jeff seems to be pretty down on it. Hope there will be a lot of big news and something to get excited about. Been a while since there was a game that got me excited.

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  • A stickied thread like this where each day they sit down in front of a camera and read a handful of the suggestions people make and why they are stupid and will never do them.
  • A segment called "Knee Jerk". The guys browse various other news sites and after reading an article they give their knee jerk reactions to what they read without any chance to do research or look into it.
  • A show called "Time till Brad" where Brad plays any and all games that have a limited/numbered life system like the old Mario games. Brad must then play the game in one sitting until he ether beats the game or loses all his lives. If he loses all his lives and hits a game over screen the show just ends and he moves onto the next game. At the end of the year they total how may games he beat and how many beat him. Alternate show title of "Beating Brad" or "Brad Beats" could work.
  • I want them to get special toilet paper that has a subscribers name written on each sheet. Then set up a camera in the bathroom at eye level and every time they go to take a shit they read off the names of each person on the paper they grab before wiping while looking straight into the camera saying "This is what your money paid for."

Or another Endurance Run. I don't know.