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  • A stickied thread like this where each day they sit down in front of a camera and read a handful of the suggestions people make and why they are stupid and will never do them.
  • A segment called "Knee Jerk". The guys browse various other news sites and after reading an article they give their knee jerk reactions to what they read without any chance to do research or look into it.
  • A show called "Time till Brad" where Brad plays any and all games that have a limited/numbered life system like the old Mario games. Brad must then play the game in one sitting until he ether beats the game or loses all his lives. If he loses all his lives and hits a game over screen the show just ends and he moves onto the next game. At the end of the year they total how may games he beat and how many beat him. Alternate show title of "Beating Brad" or "Brad Beats" could work.
  • I want them to get special toilet paper that has a subscribers name written on each sheet. Then set up a camera in the bathroom at eye level and every time they go to take a shit they read off the names of each person on the paper they grab before wiping while looking straight into the camera saying "This is what your money paid for."

Or another Endurance Run. I don't know.

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I knew the day would come when people would be leaving Giant Bomb, but now that it's hear idk what to think. The place is not going to be the same. I feel like none of the folks being mixed and matched in this set up have a chemistry I enjoy together but time will tell I guess. I have no idea what the bombcast is going to be like now. Brad and Drew never talk so I guess it's just going to be Jeff talking to himself.

Anywho. Best of luck Vinny. Gotta do what's right for you and your family and I wish ya all the best. But on a selfish note, I wish you were staying.

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I hope so as Twitch is hot garbage right now. The fact that most archives are only watchable at 720p+ is insane to me. There are more people out there that can only watch 480p then those that can watch 720p. It's ass backwards that they don't start people at a lower resolution and then allow higher later. There's several people I want to watch, but because of the above mentioned I can't. So if Google buying them makes that happen then I'm all for it.

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How am I the only person in New Brunswick on this site? Come on Atlantic Canada! Step up the game and spread the gospel of Bomba Gigante!

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I don't really know what to post, since I only first heard about anyone at GB quite recently and all......I read about this incident on Giant Bombs Wikipedia page, but I never realized how much people thought of this guy...just that thought alone makes me feel sad about this :(

I know it's probably disrespectful to ask this, and I apologize if it is, but I am just wondering.... why, or did know...what caused his unfortunate passing?

It was never really made public knowledge to respect family wishes.

His father said it was sleep apnea.

I believe a part of his brain went pop while sleeping due to complications from his sleep apnea. He had been really stressed with his wedding and I remember them talking about how crazy hot it was leading up to it and on his wedding day. All that just lead to it happening a few days after he got married.

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a few months before Ryan's passing so it hit extra hard for me. Especially because I'm close to his age and in worse shape then he was. So when I go to bed at night, especially after a very hard few days, I wonder if I will wake up the next morning.

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I don't care what bits dangle between a persons legs. I just want them to be well informed, able to talk intelligently, clearly, and be humorous/entertaining since that's why we are all here. If they can be pretty and nice to look at then that's a nice bonus, but it's the least important thing on the list.

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Tempted to as the game looks good enough, and I really want the TF2 items, but full price for a game like that just seems crazy to me. I don't have that kind of money to waste.

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Norton, New Brunswick, Canada

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@alistercat: I tried searching around, and a few things I found in random old forum threads, but nothing seemed to work despite having 16 GB of ram. Wish ya luck finding help. I tried for an hour but nothing would load.