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I was dead when they dropped me in the water as I can't swim. :(

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I want another ER. I just like knowing that every day I come to the site there will be a new piece of content. I would also like for them to stop going to do these stupid panels and other off site stuff. The site practically shuts down for two weeks just so we can get a couple hour long videos and it really fucking sucks. E3 in particular just seems silly to go to. I would rather the guys just sit down on the couch and comment on the live streams like they did for the PS4/X-Box 3 reveal. That way we get their knee jerk reactions to what's on screen.

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Fair to let her pay what she can for the renovation so she doesn't feel bad about moving in, but I would never charge her rent unless it was something she felt like she wanted to do to not feel like a burden. I would take the money she paid in rent and just set it aside to buy her stuff though. I wouldn't keep it for myself. I wouldn't expect her to pay a penny though. When the parents can't look after them selves it's the children's responsibility to look after them, just like they looked after you when you couldn't look after yourself. But when you get older being able to do stuff like pay for this makes them feel like they still have some control over their life and that they are helping.

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@alistercat: No worries. I was looking over my steam list last night and was tempted to install DA:O again but I went with neverwinter nights 2 instead since I have never played it. DA:O is one of my favourite games of all time so any excuse to fire it up again is ok in my books. I just figured if there was someone around with a better internet connection they could get this done for ya lickty split and you didn't have to wait a couple days for my slow ass internet.

Plus I always wanted to mess around with the editor and learn how it works.

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@alistercat: Crap cakes. I just got the d/l finished but it requires the game to be installed too. That would take the better part of a day for me to download and I need my PC so I can't devote that kind of time. I could download it over night, but I gotta work tomorrow so it won't be done till tomorrow and I wouldn't be able to mess around with it till tomorrow night after work at the earliest.

So if someone else can jump on have at it, but otherwise that's the quickest I can get it to ya.

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@alistercat: I'm downloading the editor but it will take an hour or so to complete. Let me know what value you need edited, what it needs to be edited to, and upload the save file and I will see what I can do.

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Just so happens I have a 64 bit OS and 16 GB of ram. I would be illing to help, but I have a super slow 1MB internet connection so I think it will take forever for me to download the DA editor. I will look into it and see what I can find. Maybe upload your save file in the OP so people can d/l it.

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@crusader8463: Is it? I think the PS4 is only 450$ in Canada right? Unless I'm mistaken.

Ya. PS4 is $450 in Canada. If this drops to $399 then it's going to the original price point of the PS4.

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All of those times I watched movies and never realized it was 3D work. I have watched some behind the scenes stuff recently of a lot of different movies and the number of scenes that have 3D work that look realistic is mindblowing. 3D artists don't get enough recognition for their work.