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Crazy internet monster eating all our threads. I started posting regularly within the last few months! So if it's 3 months back it's like all of my witty comments and poignant observations are gone forever and never happened.

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I think he took one too many chairs to the head and is now brain damaged. That does not look stoned to me.

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I don't enjoy it so I don't play it. I wouldn't say I actively hate it or spend any amount of time thinking about it. I just find it simplified in all the wrong ways and after many years of playing Magic TCG I want that complexity.

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In more sad DB-related news, a little boy that Bryan did Make a Wish for, and was front row at WM 30 to see Bryan win has just passed away as well. This was on Brie's instagram. That must be awful that people who were so happy for you are no longer around to share in that happiness

Man. Life is really taking a giant steaming poop on that guy at a time when he should be nothing but happy.

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Monkeys or some form of ape most likely.

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Is it my imagination or is Asia spelled wrong on the poll? Anyway, I'm in 'Murica.

Both Asia and Antarctica are, and dude wrote Australia, which is a country, not a continent. Must be drunk.

I am indeed slightly drunk. And Australia is indeed a continent.

Australia is both.

I'm in Canada. New Brunswick to be precise. NA will get the most votes, but I know there is a large European section on the site. It's currently the middle of the night there though so I doubt it will show up in the polls atm. Maybe try bumping it tomorrow morning if it gets buried to give it a fair shot of evening out.

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Just got done watching the first episode of the Legends House. IDK where they are going to go with that show. They made Piper out to be a crazy guy ready to explode at any second. The Piper/Hacksaw with the blender bit was the best part of that show though.

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Between Trips's entrance at WM and Stephanie referring to Kane as Kane's Demon Form, WWE is slowly getting more Japanese.

For some reason, Xfinity isn't listing Raw online since Wrestlemania ended. So my question to you is... why did Kane lose his business slacks? Did The Undertaker start another fire in the past two weeks?

Right when I got back into wrestling, my on demand option ended and now I'm at a loss :(

The mods yelled at me the list time I listed a link to the site so I won't bother. Just going to say that there are plenty of sites out there that let you watch the show live or archived to stream on your PC. You just gotta Google for it and you can find it. There are plenty of wrestling sites for that stuff besides the WWE Network. A lot of those sites even have the WWE Network exclusive stuff like that Legends House or the Ultimate Warrior dedication videos, and they are even a great place to watch indie stuff just trying to get word of mouth out about their guys if you are into it.