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Half Life 3, RDR, and GTA V are going to be sold in a PC only bundle for $59.99. It's going to be called the Keep on Dreaming Bundling and is scheduled to release the day after never.

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It's a neat concept that keeps me tabbing back to the page, but there's nothing of interest popping up. And I'm afraid that if something I want does pop up I won't have the time to scramble for my credit card.

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Only thing I hated about it was when you got to that main circular city and they took the camera controls and just went crazy with them. That place is a god damn nightmare to get around.

Also, a new pet peeve with these games that I discovered was when someone pointed out to me that not all the pokemon have a proper voice. Popular ones like Pikachu say their names, but a lot of them still just make generic growling noises. So now when I notice it it drives me nuts. I would also like to see more body options for the player character.

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I find it all around kind of lack luster. More often then not I will find some trailer for a movie or something and think "Oh ya! I wanted to watch that!" or "I remember watching that along time ago! I'm gonna watch that again!" only to go searching on it and coming up with nothing. I just use a chrome extension called "Hola Better Internet" to switch between the US and Canadian one but the couple TV shows I'm currently watching are only in the US so I have just kept it on the US one. They seem to get the best over all selection.

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My room. It's a golden cage made out of technology.

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No idea. I came over when 1up was bought out/imploded years ago and I was reading people in the comments saying giantbomb was where the kool kids are at so I gave it a look. My first thought was one of disgust, as I remember trying gamespot many years before and absolutely hated these guys. I thought they were super obnoxious and annoying but for some reason it clicked on this site and I just stayed. As my post count can attest to; for a long time it was the forums having some interesting conversations that kept me here, but that has all but gone away in the last few years and I'm kind of just here out of habit more then anything. I waste so many hours of my week watching gb stuff that I couldn't imagine not having gb in my life. While I don't enjoy the content even a 1/4 of what I used to, there's always enough sprinkled here and there that I keep coming back. Used to be a time when I had watched literally everything. Never missed a single video, ql or anything that went up. Now I find myself skipping most QLs, or falling really far behind and just not getting around to watching them for awhile. Mostly because the video player has been fucking atrocious forever and everything looks like ass unless I d/l it in HD. Which takes FOREVER.

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There are times when I go out at night to smoke a cigarette and look up at the night sky that I get like that. Once you start thinking about the odds of the universe making a planet that can sustain life, the chance that life actually evolves in such a way to make a being such as us, the events over the course of our history that lead to us having all that we have around us, then on top of that the odds that of the millions of sperm I was the one that made it and because of that I now exist is crazy. Then I think about how despite all of that my life just consists of sitting around playing video games, watching videos on the internet, eating junk food, and jerking off every couple days and how sad that life is and I get even more depressed then usual. Then I think about how once we die that's it. We just go to sleep and never wake up. There's not going to be a me anymore to think about anything or have an opinion about anything and how scary that is that at some point I won't exist any more. Then I start thinking about how pointless it all must be, because no matter if you are a loser like myself or a great man that changes the world the great equalizer of death will come along and no matter what we did or did not do in life we eventually all stop existing.

Then I usually take one last drag on my cigarette while looking up at the stars and say to myself "Eh. What can ya do about it?" then go back into the house and continue on with what I was doing.

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If I can find anyone in this world that would actually want to date me then nothing would keep me from them. I can always find another crappy job. Can't find a lover as easy.

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So post-apocalypse that the world rebuilt itself and then had another apocalypse and you must play in that time and try to prevent an apocalypse of the apocalypse. Also, everyone is a furry for some reason that is never explained.

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Now I'm signed up till Sep 22, 2016! 1 day after my 30th birthday! So weird to be saying that...