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Man is that dude gonna be embarrassed when everyone else leaves the war and turns the lights off, and he's sitting in the tank by himself all like, "guys? Guys?".

That was mean of them to do. I felt so fucking bad for him when I watched that live.

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@yummylee: I don't patrol the forums here as much as I used to so I guess I just don't see it.

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Most of the people who play games. This is just one example but it's fresh in my mind because of something I was just watching but I mean, holy fuck, it's 2014, most of the people who play games are probably in their 20s-30s, and that shitty, 90s-style, dumb-as-fuck platform fanboyism still exists. Like, people take that "PC Master Race" bullshit so seriously that it's scary. Yeah, a lot of those people are just joking, but a lot of those fuckers are so sincere about their complete and utter contempt they hold for consoles that you sometimes wonder if a NES raped and murdered their parents or some shit.

Where are you meeting these people? I honestly would like to know because I never see any one acting like that. I see people jokingly refer to it or point out that the PC version of some games are better then their console counterparts, but I have not seen this type of person in a very long time. And the few times I have seen them in the past they get laughed at and told to shut up by the real PC fans for being a dipshit.

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Any time I try to play online and just get bombarded with idiots screaming into their mics and just general asshollery. It doesn't even have to be them scream the usual fag/nigger/cunt/fuck/piss stuff. Just someone spamming music on the mic or otherwise being annoying makes me just want to turn the game off and not fire it up for a long time. That people get joy out of ruining other peoples game time is both sad and maddening.

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Well match of the night goes to Shield vs Evolution as the Shield continues to steal the show. The rest of the show was pretty good. Worst match of the night was the Diva's match but that isn't surprising.

It's the divas match. They don't get to run in worst match of the night because they are always the worst. I missed the cesaro match so I can't comment, but over all I found the show boring and all of the spots felt really flat to me. That Kane and the fire table thing at the end looked like it might have been cool, but it looked like they ran out putting the fire extinguishers on him before he even hit the thing. Then that one guy kept spraying him even long after the fire was out and he was trying to get back into the ring. That whole match just felt comical instead of brutal. Which seemed to be the theme of the night to me. Nothing about the PPV seemed extreme. But I guess that's shame on me for thinking it would be otherwise in the age of PG WWE.

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Bought these at Christmas time. I also got the WoW goblin riding a rocket statue, some WoW Troll Shaman figure, and the Assassin's Creed IV statue. Don't really care for that stuff, but I gave in to impulse buys and got them for some reason. I'm not really into this kind of thing as I find most of them are unappealing to look at all the time, and I only got the Ninja Turtles to satisfy my kid dream of having all four turtles. I always only had one or two of them and I hated it.

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Crazy internet monster eating all our threads. I started posting regularly within the last few months! So if it's 3 months back it's like all of my witty comments and poignant observations are gone forever and never happened.

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I think he took one too many chairs to the head and is now brain damaged. That does not look stoned to me.