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Honey or yellow mustard. Never liked anything else. Breakfast sausages I never put anything on em. Just pick em up and munch on em.

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I do tech support for HTC and I can tell you no one uses Windows phones. We get maybe 2-3 calls on them a day compared to the hundreds for our other phones. Maybe that means they are super stable and no one needs to call us for help with them, or the more likely scenario of no one has them.

From my time dicking around with them I actually prefer a lot about them to android to be honest. I like the front end interface and just general UI stuff is a lot nicer to look at and use once you learn all the little quirks and differences the OS has. As you mentioned in the OP though, the APP store is non existent. If you are the type to want all the latest crappy phone apps then WP is not for you. If you actually use your phone for the built in stuff like pictures, texts, phone calls, etc. then it's a great phone.

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Stole this one from penny arcade. Here's a fun question to wrap your brain around. How is that hundreds of artists can create art for your years to make a game, yet the end result not be art?

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@crusader8463: Yeah, it's tricky to define some of these things. It's possible to be physically attracted to one sex, but not emotionally. I think that's the easiest way to word it, even if it's missing most of the nuances. Actually, no, I just re-read what you wrote, and that doesn't really fit. Hm...

Really, I think the best answer I can give you is that even though we have these "nice and clean" descriptors that people like myself can use, there's absolutely no reason why you should feel the need to apply any of them to yourself. Just be who you are, and that's all anyone can ever ask of you. Or at least all that anyone should ever ask of you. So long as you're happy with yourself, that's what matters.

That's how I look at it. It's just that the way most peoples brains work requires things to be in a group or to have a label and when it doesn't it gets weird. The same way in the video game industry people still want to use stuff like FPS, RPG, Strategy game, when so much of what used to make those genres unique are being mixed together these days or games that have such a mish mash it's impossible to give it a unique label.

I just call it me being me. And I think I will just stick with Straight and keep the little * in my head. :)

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@butano said:

@crusader8463: Add in Carmen Sandiego and Oregon Trail, and that was my PC childhood.

Because I played stuff like that growing up I always laugh when people complain about using a Mouse and Keyboard to play 2D sidescrollers.

I also played some edutainment Math game a lot, but I can't remember anything about it other than that it had frogs eating bugs and some how you made math by doing it. OH! And that Lego Island game Drew played on some UPF. Played the fuck out of that.

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Grats on coming out. Hope everyone is accepting and it all goes well for ya. And anyone that shuns you, well they were not worth having around anyway.

I'm a guy and I have always been in a weird kind of way when it comes to my sexuality and I feel like there's no right term for it. I find the thought of being with a guy sexually to be very unappealing, but I still find looking at male genitals to be arousing. Maybe it's from all the time I spent looking at my own growing up that did that. I'm not sure. So as a result I find myself only attracted to females, or "males" who have had a sex change but kept their male part down below to be the best mix. But I can only find myself attracted to these shemales -IDK the correct PC term sorry- if they have had all of their masculine features about their body feminized and even a hint of their male form is a turn off for me.

So ya. IDK if that makes me Bi, or just straight with an asterisk(*) after it. lol

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What a weird time for a very old necro as I just got done eating an entire pizza myself. Got a local mom and pop restaurant that makes awesome pizza I get from time to time..Crazy that it was 3.5 years ago. I remember this like it was a few months ago.

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I really love them. Until I eat one. Then I never want another one again. 2-3 later I finally stop and don't eat them for many years.

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I was playing Commander Keen, Duke Nukem, Jazz Jackrabbit, Quake, and some Magic School Bus game I'm blanking on back then. God those were some good times.

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I'm scared of death and I find it hard to push myself to do anything in life. It's not so much the fact that I will be dead, but the act of dying itself. Whats the purpose of buying nice clothes and perfumes if I will end up decapitated in a car accident, or burned alive, or drowned to death.

And stuff like the korean ferry incident don't help. Those people had perfectly normal lives like all of us, and when they were caught in that ferry all our societal norms and protections didnt do shit for them and they suffered a horrible death (I know drowning itself is said not to be that bad, but the tens of minutes leading to that would have been horrible. The psychological terror they were going thru would be hard to imagine, not to mention how bad it feels not to be able to breathe. A few seconds of calm and bliss as they were dying doesn't make up for all the horror they have been thru).

Stuff like that aswell as any small accident makes it harder and harder for me to enjoy life and to give a shit about anything.

I guess I told a few people about this years ago, and they were telling me the usual stuff like "we should live because this is the only life we get blah-blah" but all I could think is "will they say the same thing as they are burning alive or bleeding to death?"

That's my secret.

I kind of have a similar outlook. For me it's the idea that once we die there is nothingness. So why do anything? Why work to any goal? Why don't we all just die right now because no matter how much or how little we achieve in this life we will inevitably end up as nothingness so there will be no one to remember those things or to have any thought about them.

The only way I get through the day is by just accepting that that stuff is out of our control. All we can do is try to avoid situations that would lead to us encountering that stuff for as long as we can. The only thing everyone has in common is that some day we will all die, and sitting around everyday just thinking about that stuff is pointless. Focus on the now and the near future because that's all we have any control over. Focus on the parts of your life you have a say in and just do your best to ignore the rest.