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#1 Posted by crush3x5 (39 posts) -

Ya I mean if you cant take it anywhere and play steam games I dont see the appeal. Also if you can infact travel around then there is the issue of the PC rebooting and well there goes your game lol.

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Okay so a new video about this handheld was released. I was curious what the GB community thinks about this handheld. It definitely has so cool features to it. You can play PC games on this handheld. Here is a quote from their site

"Project SHIELD gives you the power to wirelessly access your GeForce GTX-powered computer from the comfort of your couch. Play your favorite PC games, including great titles from Steam, on a full-size game controller with ultra-low latency thanks to Project SHIELD's game-speed Wi-Fi and the fast performance of GeForce GTX 600 GPUs"

This being said I am not sure if I would want to play say skyrim or borderland 2 on a tiny little screen not mention the thing kind of looks weird to begin with. Here is a 1 min trailer showing what the thing is in a nut shell.

Well what are your thoughts on this new handheld? When I first saw it I was like cool pc graphics but now I am not so sure about it not to mention the price point will most likely be pretty steep.

#3 Posted by crush3x5 (39 posts) -

Okay this thread is for you guys to predict the worse game of 2013. If you want to throw in your best as well feel free.

Anyways here is my predicted worse game of 2013.....Shaq Down

#4 Posted by crush3x5 (39 posts) -

@JeanLuc said:

Is this going to be like a full release? Seems cool.

There is a FAQon the website you can look. Basically it is longer version of the original game. Not sure how much extra content it will contain at the moment.

#5 Posted by crush3x5 (39 posts) -

Pretty short but still I am excited. Hopefully the atmosphere will still be as good and the previous one.

I am sure they will release something longer in the near future as well.


#6 Posted by crush3x5 (39 posts) -

bioshock infinite and all those wii u games annouced....o wait

#7 Posted by crush3x5 (39 posts) -

Hey guys just thought I would share the story trailer for those that care. Hopefully this game doesn't suck lol.

I am semi exciting for it but cautious as most people are I am sure. Enjoy

#8 Posted by crush3x5 (39 posts) -

This came out a few days ago I believe. It is short but pretty cool :) I am surprisingly looking forward to this game. Hopefully it does not disappoint.

Anyways check it:

#9 Posted by crush3x5 (39 posts) -

@Kaiserreich said:

I hated Kid Icarus because I'm left handed and that shit is impossible for me to play.

yup same here.

#10 Posted by crush3x5 (39 posts) -

Ya I know the vast majority of people have played it long ago, but I figured that the few that haven't would perhaps see the sale and would therefore gain some interest.

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