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I think your list is genius, except I'm not the biggest Bioshock fan.

It's really nice to see Metal Gear Rising on this list, too many people played DmC and passed up on MGR

I played DmC and passed on Revengeance because it's apparently only 4 hours long. I recently pre-ordered it on PC for $20, which seems like the right price for it. It's just a hard sell, coming off of DmC which is 10-15 hours.

You've been deceived. MGR is kinda short, but it's like 7-9 hours, not 4 hours. The "four hours" figure came from people running through the game on the easier difficulties, while the in-game timer only counts the successful gameplay runs between checkpoints. If you die or restart to get a better score, then all the time since the last checkpoint isn't counted, cutscenes aren't counted, and the really extensive optional Codec conversations might not be counted either.

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Still hasn't fully registered yet.

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Like dog ass dumplings

A videogame website

Spirit unending

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i had to make this real quick during social studies because the teacher took away my pokemon cards because the principal said they made us gamble with the devil

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Look at how he refused to pin Bowser in the last few minutes. Ganondorf is an honorable king. He will always have his legacy. Thousand Years of Darkness. Longest streak of title defenses. First double champion. First three-time champion. Defeated Baz and Little Mac at the height of their corporate power. He escaped Gaben's Wallet Squeeze and used it against him. His curse felled over a half-dozen wrestlers in their prime. He even humiliated Bowser in a past Inferno match.

What did Bowser have? That one time Arino nearly beat him? Those two interns that VGCW corporate pays to dress up as "hoes" during his entrance? No, it was the time he easily beat Ganondorf at the height of Ganondorf's reign, and that night it had been exposed that it was all due to cheating. It was all Bowser had, man.

Ganondorf graciously let him win. He's still a Tag Team Champion, and soon he'll be GM of the company. Bowser can have his narrow exhibition victory, then go back to hiding for the next five or ten promotions as usual.

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A better subheading for this article would be "Nintendo announces like a dozen new games, swirling black Internet void decides within seconds that it's all crap."

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Well, they did actually mention ideas for Zelda Wii U. Something about how it'll be less linear (completing dungeons in any order), and that they're reexamining the idea of Zelda being a game you "play alone," so multiplayer of some kind confirmed, I guess.