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@Dany said:

" The end game was 30-40 minutes depending. I only wish we could 'talk' to the enemy or something like that. Going in blind compared to the last game where we knew what was, kinda odd but whatever. "

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Ryan shirt: "Recycle your animals".

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Wow! Brad is no longer that weedy little nerdy guy anymore.
He's really come into his own and is nowadays kind of a cool nerdy guy. Good on you Brad.
But damn this's the funniest shit I've ever seen. Reminds of those awkward moments from your past that your parents tell your friends or girlfriend about, while you stand there going red in the face and telling them to "shut up". Lol.
Brad really should comment on this, it'd be hilarious! ;-p
And Ryans review that was linked on this topic. His voice scares me and he looked like a pedo. *giggle*.  Now I've laughed, I want to never look at it again. *shudder*

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If I'm really trying and I've recently got a few new games I can almost get about 2000 gamerscore in a month, tops. And that's if I'm really trying, and the achievements are very easy.
This guy sounds kinda fishy.

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I don't think about it becuase I know what I love. I love my gamer girlfriend, I love my workout regimen and I love my games. :-) What's wrong with that?
@Bones8677: Shouldn't the alternate universe have the evil goatee and actually be evil by being a lot nicer than us? Like benders alternate version of himself, from Futurama. Lol.

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@TheMustacheHero said:
" @Bubahula said:
" i doubt he is referring to natal. probably something with the story. no dog? "
Or what if YOU ARE THE DOG! "
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You'll have to actually sit in the kings throne for the whole game and not do anything. FOR THE WHOLE GAME! Lol. Your first achievement is to sit in the kings throne for more than five minutes without turning off the console and taking it back to the shop. ;-p
Your last achievement is to complete the 40 hours of none gameplay without leaving the throne. lol.
Or maybe he's selling us half the game like everyone else seems to be doing lately and making us pay even more to get the rest of it.

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@nintendoeats: We obviously have different opinions and I'm cool with you having your own. Apologies for not reading your earlier contribution as I must of brushed past it but thanks for contributing none the less.
And I would reply to one of your later posts that 28 Days Later is a classic that no one should miss. If you think otherwise then that's fine, but this one was one of the cheaper movies to ever have such a big impact on the cinema world.
And it's actually good. 28 Weeks Later however not so much, but that's neither here nor there.
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 @Bombs_Away: I Face palmed.
Wow! I hadn't noticed the comments were that old, I usually pay attention to this stuff as well, lol.
Also I actually looked at it from the home page so I saw it at as a newly made topic and forgot to check when the last post had been made.
Anyway your aggression was unwarrented. I may have been a dumbass, as we all are occasionally, but your attitude is plain rude.

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@nintendoeats: Your oppinion is noted and thrown away. ;-p
In other words I disagree. And I'm sure if you'd actually recommended a movie instead of finding fault and just moaning about it that I'd disagree with some of your recommendations.
Try sticking to just doing what the topic asks of you.